Celebrity hairdresser Charles Worthington says you CAN wear a fringe at any age (But which stars get it right – and who gets it wrong) FEMAIL reveals all…



18:26 GMT, 19 October 2012

Award-winning celebrity hairdresser Charles Worthington is a veteran of red carpet events, from the BAFTAs to the Cannes Film Festival, the Golden Globes and the Oscars.

His clients have included Homeland star Claire Danes, Sharon Stone, Emilia Fox and Jerry Hall.

With 25 years' experience as one of the UK’s most well-known celebrity hairdressers here he gives his verdict on famous fringes…

Alexa Chung

Michelle Williams

Presenter Alexa Chung, 28, left, has a long face so can pull off a sultry, eye-level fringe, while Michelle Williams, 32, right, has a heart-shaped face and very regular features so is able to carry a teeny pixie crop fringe

TWENTIES: Alexa Chung (28)

Alexa has a long face and so can carry off this strong, rock 'n' roll style fringe. This is a sultry look which suits her face shape. Younger people can get away with heavier fringes at eye level – which means fringes that sit just below the brow and suit people of Alexa's age.

THIRTIES: Michelle Williams (32)

This Mia Farrow inspired strawberry pixie crop suits Michelle's heart-shaped face beautifully. The ultra-short little hairline fringe is cute and confident. You have to have very regular features to wear a fringe this short as it exposes everything. You need to wear more make-up this style – so what may appear as a low-maintenance haircut will mean high-maintenance make-up.

Claudia Winkleman

Fiona Bruce

TV presenter Claudia Winkleman, 40, left, is one of very few people able to carry off a heavy fringe, while 48-year-old news presenter Fiona Bruce, right, chooses a side-sweeping fringe but could pull off a fuller one

FORTIES: Claudia Winkleman (40)
Claudia has the perfect oval face shape – any fringe will look good on this shaped face. She wears a very heavy fringe which few people can carry off. It is her signature look – but it is so dominant that it could look like the fringe is wearing her. Oval face shapes should stick to side-swept fringes which are longer at the temples.

FORTIES: Fiona Bruce (48)
Fiona has a sideways swept fringe which looks good on all face shapes. She has a round face and could go for a more definite fringe. It would be more youthful looking if she opted for a fuller fringe, which is flattering for those with round faces.

Fern Britton


Presenter Fern Britton, 55, left, suits a side sweeping fringe because of her oval face shape, and 63-year-old model Twiggy, right, has always looked good with a choppy fringe

FIFTIES: Fern Britton (55)
Fern has an oval face and this is a lightweight, flattering style which also looks contemporary. The side-sweeping fringe is very soft and it's sexy to have a few bits coming down on your forehead like that. Oval faces should stick to side-swept fringes which are longer at the temples. Strictly perfect.

SIXTIES: Twiggy (63)
This long soft fringe suits Twiggy and gives her hair movement and texture. Twiggy has always suited a fringe, ever since the 1960s and this update for her is very age appropriate. Both the cut and the warm honey colour really work for her heart-shaped face shape and skin tone and the choppy fringe is also great for hiding any frown lines that might have crept up over the years.

Linda Grey

Charles Worthington says fringes can be worn at any age

Actress Linda Grey, 71, left, and hairdresser Charles Worthington, right, who says women of any age can wear a fringe, they just need to adapt it for their face shape

SEVENTIES: Linda Gray (71)
Linda looks fabulous with her side-swept fringe and has a square face shape with quite a high forehead, so her look is very glamorous. I think she would look better with a soft fringe across her forehead which would be more flattering for this face shape. This style makes her forehead seem wider than it is.

Jerry Hall

Emilia Fox

Both ex-Rolling Stone wife Jerry Hall, left, and British actress Emilia Fox, right, have been celebrity clients of Charles Worthington

Sharon Stone

Claire Danes

Actresses Sharon Stone, left, and Homeland's Claire Danes, right, have left their hair in the capable hands of hairdresser-to-the-stars Charles Worthington