Forget Bear and Blue Ivy – ultra-classic Charlotte and James are voted America's favourite baby names

Beyonce may have opted for the unusual Blue Ivy for her new baby daughter, but when it comes to the rest of America, it seems rather more traditional baby names have been winning favour.

A new poll has revealed James and Charlotte to be the most popular names for newborns in 2011.

Baby name website Nameberry, which conducted its research with the Huffington Post, saw Charlotte beat finalists Amelia and Lila among the girls' names.

Most popular: Actors Charlotte Gainbourg and James Franco share the traditional type of name that is currently trending with American parents

Classic tastes: In a poll of U.S. parents, the given names of Charlotte Gainsbourg (left), and James Franco (right) were found to be the most popular

Classic tastes: In a poll of U.S. parents, the given names of Charlotte Gainsbourg (left), and James Franco (right) were found to be the most popular

James topped the list of boys' names, coming ahead of Aiden and Finn.

The classic moniker has both a biblical and Anglo Saxon background, with kings of England and Scotland and U.S. presidents having held the name.

It means 'supplanter', a word that implies one who can overthrow another – no doubt a valuable quality in the warring 15th century during the reign of King James I.

Charlotte also has roots in regal history with England's Queen Charlotte, wife of King George III, who ruled in the late 18th and early 19th century.

However, the name is better known for literary and culture references, from Charlotte Bronte to French actress and singer Charlotte Gainsbourg.

It is a derivative of the boy's name Charles, and shares the same meaning: 'a free man'.

Thousands of parents took part in the Nameberry poll and voted for a final draw of 16.

Amelia and Lila were finalists, perhaps thanks to the legendary aviatrix Amelia Earhart and Kate Moss' daughter Lila Rose.

Amelia Earhart

Ava Gardner

Runners-up: Aviator Amelia Earhart (left) and Hollywood star Ava Gardner (right) are likely to have inspired some of the most popular girls' names

Cory Monteith

John Corbett, Sarah Jessica Parker

Modern heroes: Popular boys' names included Finn, as in the Glee character (left) and Aiden, the name of one of Carrie's on-screen beaus in Sex and the City (right)

Ava was the runner-up, a name that has surged in popularity after Reese Witherspoon named her daughter after the late Hollywood star, Ava Gardner.

After James, Finn, Aiden and Jackson made up the most popular boys' names.

Finn is both a famous hero of Irish and Celtic mythology – after the dashingly-named warrior Finn McCool – and also the hunky quarterback on the hit television show Glee.

Aiden is another Irish name and means 'fiery'. It was not that well known in the U.S. until Carrie Bradshaw's boyfriend Aidan made us swoon in Sex and the City.

Jackson has evolved from the more traditional John and Jack – which have saintly roots, meaning 'God is gracious' in ancient Hebrew.