Flower power: “Blinged-up” poppies have the X Factor as sales set to reach 40million

 Buckley-designed poppy brooch POPPY

Fashion with a heart: Crystal Buckley brooch, 25, left, is 18 karat gold and inlaid with crystals and a Kleshna brooch, right, 59.95, has currently sold out

poppy scarf ring

The range includes a 10.95 friendship bracelet, left, and 5.25 brooch, both sold out

poppy poppy

Kleshna hair slides, 12.95, left, and 49.95 Kleshna Poppy Enamel Crystal Brooch

 Janet Devlin Kitty Marcus Collins

Janet wears a Poppy ring, left, while Kitty and Marcus wear their brooches with pride

X Factor

X Factor judges Gary, Kelly, Tulisa and Louis support the cause

Tulisa Tulisa

Tulisa shows off her poppy versatility with a hair piece, left, and ring

Strictly Come Dancing

Dancing : The Strictly Come Dancing judges wear crystal-encrusted poppies

he Duke and Duchess of Cambridge Katy Perry  Dannii Minogue

The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, left, Katy Perrry and Dannii Minogue, right, accessorise with poppies