Flattering tributes or real-life celebrity doppelgangers The stars who look spookily similar to their equally A-list idols

The celebrity lookalike business is itself quite a racket with ordinary people imitating their famous doppelgangers as a way of earning an easy buck.

But often celebrities look eerily like other famous faces and add another dimension to the idea of the 'lookalike' – sometimes even emulating the style of predecessors and idols.

Consider, for example, Jon Bon Jovi, who not only shares a haircut with Rolling Stones frontman Mick Jagger, but can even emulate his famous pout.

The notoriously loud-mouthed, Mancunian vocalist of Oasis, Liam Gallagher evokes the late John Lennon with his haircut, beard and round glasses, and Beyonce has been know to replicate the Tina Turner look in concert.

While many are clearly cultivated tributes others are less so. And indeed some of them, well, they just look spookily similar without even trying…

Jon Bon Jovi

Mick Jagger

Rocking the pout: Bon Jovi (left) shows that even soft rock stars can pucker up like legend Mick Jagger (right)

Jessie J.


To put it bluntly: Jessie J (left) pulls off the severe, dark haired bob that Madonna sported in the Nineties (right)

Beyonce Knowles

Tina Turner

Divas: Beyonce (left) was wise to steal the Tina Turner look (right) and her 'independent woman' vibe too

Liam Gallagher of Oasis

John Lennon

Twins! Pop stars like Liam Gallagher (left) evoked the image of John Lennon (right) in style and looks

Lady Gaga

Donatella Versace

Blonde ambition: Lady Gaga (left) rocks the peroxide-blonde-heavy-make-up look a la Donatella Versace


Alison Moyet

Sing it sista! Pop sensation Adele (left) is a fuller, more sensual version of Eighties crooner, Alison Moyet (right)

Sarah Harding

Annie Lennox

Doppelganger: Sarah Harding's blonde crop and dazzling blue eyes (left) are identical to Annie Lennox's (right)

George Michael

Ringo Starr

A neat trim: George Michael (left) and Ringo Starr (right) appear to frequent the same barber shop

Robbie Williams


Cheeky chappies: Robbie Williams (left) has the same everyman energy as Morrissey – and the same shirt