We don't heart our love handles: Flabby hips top poll of female Brits' worst bits
'Apple' body type becoming more common among UK womenEven celebrities Cheryl Cole and Kelly Brook have hang-ups



11:28 GMT, 22 August 2012

British women hate their love handles more than anything else on their body

British women hate their love handles more than anything else on their body

Forget big noses, knobbly knees and bingo wings.

It's stubborn love handles British women are most self-conscious about.

Yes, that hard-to-shift, excess weight on the hips is our biggest body hang-up, topping the list above 'saddle-bags' (fatty outer thighs) and muffin-tops, according to a new survey.

After those top three come bingo wings and inner thighs.

The study, carried out by Harley Street clinic LoveLite, and
reflects the changing body shape of women in the UK, where round-middled
'apples' are now more common than big-bottomed 'pears'.

And it seems that even celebritities with 'perfect' bodies are not immune to such feminine insecurities.

Singer Mollie King of the Saturdays has admitted to being 'very self-conscious in a
bikini' and says she would never get her stomach out on stage.

Made In Chelsea's
Binky Felstead has also spoken out about her body insecurities.

The reality TV star revealed she doesn't like her 'tummy and love handles' and is currently
undergoing sessions of a non-invasive fat reduction treatment named Lipoglaze
to help with shifting the weight on these areas.

Even gorgeous Mollie King from The Saturdays' has said she is very self-conscious in a bikini

Cheryl Cole says she doesn't like her legs and would probably cover them up if she was dressing herself

The Saturdays' Mollie King, left, has revealed she is self-conscious about her stomach, while Cheryl Cole, right, is not completely happy with her legs

Meanwhile, pear-shaped women including Cheryl Cole are more concerned about their legs.

The star said: 'I don't like my legs. I haven't got much of them for a
start. If I was dressing myself I'd probably cover them up.'

American actress Katherine
Heigal has even admitted that her thighs are her 'obsession', saying: 'I always complexed about my
thighs. I think they're very fat. This is the only part of my body which
I have no control of. My thighs are my obsession.'

Even Elle 'The Body'
Macpherson is not immune to insecurities about her figure, admitting: 'It's taken me a long time to feel good about my body. Just like
everyone, and despite my nickname, I have felt unhappy in my skin.'

Love handles are what British women are least happy with on their bodies, regardless of age or size

Love handles are what British women are least happy with on their bodies, regardless of age or size

Model and presenter Kelly Brook, the model and presenter regularly voted by both men and
women as having the best bikini body, said: 'My arms are a bit


1. Love handles
2. Saddle-bags
3. Muffin-tops
4. Bingo wings
5. Inner thighs

Kim Kardashian also added: 'I've never been a big fan of my thighs, but I do love my
stomach when it’s in shape.'

Donnamarie McBride, co-founder of the Lovelite clinic, said: 'We've
noticed for a long time that women are self-conscious of their hips and
want to lose their lovehandles.

'Fat on the hips can be the most
noticeable, and is hard to disguise if trying to keep up with the latest
fashion for skinny jeans and body con dresses.

'Women will
always focus on parts of their body that they don't like, it's almost in
our DNA to obsess over these things.'

Kelly Brook has admitted to not being wild about her arms

Even Elle 'The Body' Macpherson has body hang-ups

Even celebrities such as Kelly Brook, left, and Elle Macpherson, right, have issues with their bodies