Are you an Oxford Olive or a Tancunian The nation's 15 fake tan shades revealed, and OXFORD girls beat Liverpudlians to top tango!



00:05 GMT, 7 August 2012

Fake tan is more popular than ever nowadays with reality TV shows like The Only Way Is Essex and Desperate Scousewives helping to boost sales, but which shade to British women favour

According to a new study, no-one does self-tanning quite like Oxford, with women of the city opting for a darker shade than anywhere else in Britain.

The deep bronze colour has been dubbed ‘Oxford Olive’, with 72% of Oxford women admitting that they’ve opted for darker tans than usual due to the uninspiring summer weather.

15 Shades of Tan

15 Shades of Tan

Meanwhile women from London also like their fake tan particularly dark, London Gold’)and were just behind Oxford in the poll of 2,000 women.

Perhaps surprisingly, Manchester and Liverpool featured relatively low on the list, taking the sixth and seventh spot.

However the women of Essex lived up to their infamous reputation for self tanning, with Brentwood taking the fourth spot.

Katie Price

Lauren Goodger

Fake tan advocates: Reality TV stars like Katie Price and Lauren Goodger are all fans of the bronzed look

The results come from a poll by , who showed women across Britain 15 different shades of tan and asked them which colours they are aiming to match when self-tanning.

‘This summer has been so miserable and a bit of fake tan is the perfect solution to cure your Summer blues – go for it girls!’ says Sarah Lomax, Seasonal Head of Buying at

Sales of tanning products were worth around 100million a year in Britain in 2010. One in ten British men and four in ten women say they use them.

Here are the results from's survey, revealing the various shades favoured by a nation of fake tanners:

1. Oxford (‘Oxford Olive’)
2. London (‘London Gold’)
3. Cardiff (‘Cardiff Clementine’)
4. Brentwood (‘Only way is Orange’)
5. Leeds (‘Luminous Leeds’)
6. Newcastle (‘Newcy Brown’)
7. Manchester (‘Tancunian’)
8. Liverpool (‘Shimmerpool’)
9. Norwich (‘Nor-wich Blend’)
10. Sheffield (‘Sheffield Sol’)
11. Bristol (‘Bristol Berry’)
12. Birmingham (‘Bir-onze’)
13. Brighton (Brigh-tan’)
14. Edinburgh (‘Tar-tan’)
15. Glasgow (‘Glas-glow’)