Expert guide: How to do sparkly eyes

Expert guide: How to do sparkly eyes

Step one

Starting from the inner eyelid and working outwards, take a fine eyeshadow brush and a metallic grey shade and follow the crease in the eyelid to a point in line with the end of your eyebrow, then take the line from half way across the upper lash line up to create a v-shape under the brow

Step two

Take a larger eyeshadow brush, and a slightly paler
shade of grey, and fill in the outline you have
created in the first step to create a solid eyeshadow
winged eye

Step three

Using a fine lip brush, choose a soft pink lip gloss and apply several layers over the lips starting from
the Cupid’s Bow to build up a luscious pink shade

Step four

Use a soft pink shade on the cheeks. Style the hair in a Fifties wave for a soft and feminine look