Espresso machine for the car: Drivers can get a caffeine fix on the move with new in-car coffee machine

Now that really is coffee to go! In-car espresso machine allows drivers to get a caffeine kick at the wheel



14:32 GMT, 30 March 2012

Grabbing a quick coffee on the move has been taken to a whole new level as a Danish innovator has designed the first ever espresso machine for your car.

The portable device, aptly named the Handpresso Auto Mobile, went on sale in France last month for 124 ($149) and has already been a huge hit around the world.

Users simply fill with water, add a pod of coffee, plug into the cigarette lighter and wait two minutes for an instant caffeine fix.

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Coffee lovers can now make an espresso from their car

Hot shot: coffee lovers can now make an espresso from the comfort of their car

The device isn't as basic as you'd imagine either, with water pumping through at 16 bars of pressure, this is seven bars more than the minimum needed.

But while this gadget could prove invaluable for those who must endure long journeys in their cars, the manufacturer is quick to point out that anyone using the Handpresso must be sure to stop the car before pouring the coffee.

Discussing the gadget, Roger Lawson, spokesman for the Association of British Drivers said that while the in-car coffee machine could prove useful, he is keen to remind drivers of the importance of pulling over into a safe place first.

Coffee lovers can now make an espresso from their car using the Handpresso

Speedy: In just two minutes you can serve up a fresh espresso coffee

Talking to the Mail Online he said: 'We would never condone this being used on the road.

'Not only is it dangerous but it is also a moving traffic infringement and you could be issued with a fixed penalty notice.

'This also applies if you drink your coffee while on the road, by the way.'

Roger continues: 'It is very useful for taxi drivers and long distance lorry drivers who drive at night and may need to stop for a coffee but nothing is open.'

The quirky concept was designed by self-confessed coffee addict Henrik Neilson, who sadly died three months ago.

He came up with the original concept after not being able to drink a decent cup of coffee in a hotel room. He said: 'I love espresso. The good one, the real one.

'I'm a coffee addict and I travel a lot. I was once in a very exclusive hotel. As I couldn't drink a decent coffee in my room, I started to think of a portable espresso machine I could bring wherever I wanted,' Neilson informs.

This is the second variation of the original Handpresso Wild which was invented in 2006. The international award-winning company sells in 25 countries.