Fifty Shades Of Grey booted off Kindle top spot by romantic novel about dog walkers – written by ANOTHER west London woman!
Hammersmith-based Alice Peterson topples Ealing-based EL JamesOver 500,000 copies of Monday To Friday Man sold since July releaseBut all three installments of James' bonkbuster trilogy are still in top five



20:06 GMT, 20 August 2012

Move over EL James, there's a new top dog in town.

But she's only from down the road.

The third installment of James' saucy 'mummy porn' trilogy Fifty Shades Of Grey has lost its vice-like grip on the Kindle best-selling ebook chart, having being ousted by a sweet literary romance about a group of dog walkers – and both writers are from west London.

Author of of Monday To Friday Man, Alice Peterson with her Lucas Terrier Mr Darcy in Ravenscourt Park, Hammersmith

Author of of Monday To Friday Man, Alice Peterson with her Lucas Terrier Mr Darcy in Ravenscourt Park, Hammersmith

Monday To Friday Man is the fourth novel and seventh book
from Hammersmith-based dog lover Alice Peterson, 38, a former
professional tennis player who turned to writing after her promising
athletic career was prematurely curtailed at the age of 18 when she was
left wheelchair-bound by rheumatoid arthritis.

Her new book was inspired by the close friends she has made on her daily walks with her Lucas Terrier Mr Darcy (named after Jane Austen's character in Pride And Prejudice) in Ravenscourt Park.

Having sold 500,000 copies since its release on July 21, the book has now been in the top 100 of the Amazon Kindle book list for 89 days.

It has held pole position on the ebooks list for two weeks, relegating Ealing-based James' Fifty Shades Freed to second place.

EL James' Fifty Shades Freed has just been booted off Kindle's best-sellers top spot by Alice Peterson's Monday To Friday Man

Alice Peterson's Monday To Friday Man has held Kindle's top seller spot for two weeks

The third installment in EL James' 'bonkbuster' trilogy has just been booted off the top of the Kindle list by Alice Peterson's charming Monday To Friday Man

Meanwhile, the first two installments in James' bonkbuster trio are currently fourth and fifth on Kindle's best-seller list.

Peterson's charming, gentle (and S&M-free) novel is a world away from Christian Grey and his Red Room of Pain.

Kindle best-sellers list

Kindle best-sellers list

this author draws on the world of dog-walking, telling the tale of
Gilly Brown, a 34-year-old bride who is jilted just two weeks before her

With just her little dog Ruskin for
company, she decides to take a Monday to Friday lodger.

Gilly soon finds herself
living with a charming and glamorous TV producer named Jack Baker.

All Gilly's friends think Jack
is a catch.

All, that is, except for Guy, the newest recruit in their west London dog-walking clique.

Guy thinks she should be more wary. And a lot more suspicious about what he gets
up to at the weekends.

Peterson is selling her book for 20p on Kindle, compared to 3.47 for Fifty Shades Free.

Speaking about her novel Peterson said: 'It's a lovely story and not really heavy weather. I really enjoyed Fifty Shades but it's pure fantasy.

'I would
imagine that most people who read it have lives far removed from it, so
there is still room for a reality book, a romance, like mine.'

Speaking to the Evening Standard, Peterson said her book had been well-received by her canine crew.

She even asked some of them for advice when she was writing.

'The dog-walking fraternity love it,' she said.

'They recognise the tree and the dogs. There's a lovely man I
walk with and I borrowed his fashion sense.

'I was very honest with them
as I was writing it.'

The big question now is whether or not Peterson will be able to match the total global sales of the Fifty Shades Trilogy: 40 million.

Alice Peterson as a promising young tennis player before arthritis cut her career short and she turned to writing

EL James with her book, Fifty Shades Of Grey, the first in the 'mummy porn' trilogy

The west London female writers Alice Peterson, left, and EL James, right, are currently dominating the Kindle best-seller charts