Double-sided tape… for your feet? The unlikely secret weapon that stops Jessica Alba from falling in her towering red carpet heels

Double-sided tape… for your feet The unlikely secret weapon that stops Jessica Alba from tripping in her towering heels



21:07 GMT, 14 May 2012

It will come as little surprise to any catwalk model. But Jessica Alba has revealed double-sided sticky tape to be her unlikely must-have when hitting the red carpet.

The actress, 31, uses the stationery cupboard essential to attach the soles of her feet to the shoes in order that they don't slip.

She revealed the handy tip at last week's Met Gala, when asked how she avoided high heel related-injuries.

Jessica Alba

Jessica Alba

No slip-ups: Jessica Alba, pictured in two different looks on Thursday last week, has revealed that she uses double-sided tape to stick her feet to her shoes

Jessica Alba

Secure: The actress's past experience of lost shoes and public falls has taught her to play it safe and stick the soles of her feet in place

She told New York Magazine: 'I stick every shoe to the bottom of my foot with double-stick tape.'

She added that it was unfortunate experience that had taught her to be so cautious.

'Shoes have fallen off, I've fallen to the ground. It's all happened,' she admitted.

Ms Alba is likely to have learned the trick from friends in the fashion industry.

Models, who must often walk the
runway in ill-fitting footwear, often spray the soles of their shoes
with hairspray to make them stickier.

Jessica Alba

Effortless glamour: The steps at the Met Gala last week were no sweat for Ms Alba, whose heels had no chance of slipping off

Other common tricks involve stuffing too-large shoes with newspaper or cotton wool to ensure a more secure fit.

The anonymous insider behind MailOnline's Confessions of a Fashionista column, revealed how essential this process can be to a model's career.

Bright idea: Double-sided tape applied to the soles of feet and shoes can prevent slips and falls

Trick of the trade: Double-sided tape is regularly applied to the soles of feet and shoes before catwalk shows

She wrote: 'Regardless of how ridiculous, or ill
fitting, the shoes a model has been given to wear, if she falls it can
spell the end of her career.

'I watched with horror from backstage
as one sweet girl tripped at a show. The designer screamed abuse at her
for the unprofessional insult of sprawling across the floor in his
precious creations.

'Her model agency quietly removed her from the
rest of fashion week, and shortly afterwards she was dropped altogether
from their books. She was 17. Her fashion career over before it had

Of course, a public tumble is unlikely to have any effect on the career of the elegant Ms Alba. Though her double-sided tape trick does offer at least a little insight into the secret behind her red carpet poise.