Do you have Jabba Flab, Double Chubble or Rump Lumps? Fitness experts identify six types of bingo wing

Do you have Jabba Flab, Double Chubble or Rump Lumps Fitness expert identifies six types of bingo wing



19:01 GMT, 12 June 2012

A fitness expert has identified six types of bingo wing – and come up with specific strategies to combat each kind.

Personal trainer Rich Jones lists variants including ‘Jabba Flab’, ‘Double Chubble’ and ‘Rump Lump’, and has identified celebrities who suffer from each different kind.

Bingo wings are the flaps of skin that hang down from the triceps – particularly visible on an out-of-shape bingo player waving an arm.

Actress Gabourey Sidibe

Singer Jessica Simpson

Arm issues: Gabourey Sidibe has a 'Double Chubble' while Jessica Simpson is afflicted with 'classic' bingo wings

Denise Welch suffers from Rump Lumps – so called because they look like a 'small backside' at the to of the arm – according to Mr Jones.

A Double Chubble is a bingo wing on top of a bingo wing – affecting those who 'verge on obese' such as American actress Gabourey Sidibe.

People who lose a lot of weight quickly, such as Anne Robinson or Madonna, are afflicted by Arm Charms, which are loose flaps of skin hanging from the triceps.

A Jabba Flabba occurs when arms have 'several rolls of unsightly fat that extend from the wrist to the upper arm'.

The name comes from Jabba The Hut, a large slug-like creature who appears in the Star Wars film saga.

Classic Bingo Wings are often suffered by slim women, including Jessica Simpson, who carry a little too much weight and lack tone in their upper arms.

Denise Welch

Anne Robinson

Denise Welch has 'Rump Lumps' while Anne Robinson has 'Arm Charms'

But men do not get away scot-free
either. Chap Flaps have apparently been seen on men including Prince
Andrew and Lawrence Llewellyn-Bowen on the beach.

Mr Jones, who has worked as a trainer for ten years and lives in Swindon, said: 'Men tend to suffer from Chap Flaps when they put weight on generally.'

The fitness guru, who produces Powerspin – a weighted product that tones the arms – claims exercise is not enough to target bingo wings.

He suggests sufferers drink water to lose weight and appear thinner.

Women who do the same gym exercises on a regular basis should increase their training intensity by trying hill sprints, wind sprints and boxing.

Mr Jones also suggests skipping to kick start weight loss and help define arms as well as focusing on just biceps and triceps on their own day during a gym workout.

Training with heavier weights with less repetition helps to grow muscles and help tone the arms.

He added: 'Eating natural foods like fruits, vegetables and good meats will
help you tone your arms. Weight loss is easier too. So if something has been processed, avoid it.

'It doesn’t matter how nice your muscles are, if there is a layer of fat
covering them, you will never get to see them.

'So, if you are having trouble toning your arms then perhaps you should shift your focus to weight loss practices like a clean diet and good cardio as opposed to weight training five days a week.'

The Powerspin technique was developed by RPM, who designed the Powerball – a weighted ball within a circular tube which creates a centrifugal force, meaning the faster the ball is spun the more effective it is.