"Democracy on the dancefloor": One of the team behind We Love, a premier weekly event in Ibiza, reveals why it"s so special

"Democracy on the dancefloor": One of the team behind We Love, a premier weekly event in Ibiza, reveals why it"s so special

“Democracy on the dancefloor”: One of the team behind We Love, a premier weekly event in Ibiza, reveals why it”s so special

7:18 AM on 25th August 2011

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Realising they could improve upon one of their favourite nights, Mark and his wife Sarah took over the Sunday Sessions at Space and extended the idea into a 22–hour long day and night time party.

Nine years on and the parties are still continuing, with Mark, Sarah, Darren and their extended family of friends around the globe working with them to help make We Love one of the island’s premier nights.

With an open-minded, forward-thinking music and promotion policy We Love has become a runaway success.

Asked about his ethos, Mark explained: ‘The ethos at We Love is to simply showcase those who we consider to be the best and most forward thinking electronic acts past present and future. And we aim to reach out to music lovers of all ages and backgrounds – we want democracy on the dance floor.’

And, in terms of the music policy he added: ‘We encompass good music in all forms, there is nothing we wouldn”t book if we liked it and felt our customers should be exposed to it for their enjoyment.

“This is the most exciting thing about my job, sometimes it works a treat and other times it falls on it”s arse but by being brave over the years we have managed to create something very special and unique on Ibiza with We Love…’

Euphoria: Groove Armada kept the Main Terrace rocking during my time at the club

I was fortunate enough to pay a visit We Love on one of its biggest nights of the summer, James Zabiela’s birthday. Taking place on August 7th, two days after my own birthday celebrations, it was an essential fixture during my time on the White Island – so of course, I made a beeline for the event with my friends in tow.

We arrived at Space relatively early at 11pm and it wasn’t very busy, however as all Ibiza partygoers will concur most clubs don’t get going until the early hours and this held true at We Love.

Up in the Open Terrace we got down to a selection of disco hits and classic dance tracks played by Colin Peters, this was the perfect precursor to the night ahead, just like listening to your favourite tracks in your bedroom before you have a big night out.

Energy slowly began to build in unison with the club beginning to fill up. In the Main Terrace Thomas Gandey had the crowd transfixed, working his way through some sublime tech house treats and steadily building up the momentum.

As we waited for Groove Armada to follow Mr Gandey we tried out the Discoteca, the main room, where Zabiela would be taken the reins later in the night to celebrate his 10 year residency at the club and where he’d assembled a stellar line up of mainly bass-orientated DJs, Apparat and Pearson Sound among them.

Where dreams become reality: The Main Terrace at Space where We Love takes place every Sunday

Tom Budden did an excellent job with a punchy selection that kept the main room crowd on their toes and helped gee us all up for the arrival of Groove Armada who were DJing as part of their Redlight project. Like all highly anticipated performers, Groove Armada were fashionably late for their turn on the decks, but they were most definitely worth the wait.

As much as I wanted to stay for the duration of their set, which was a brilliantly put together collection of house, techno and bass-heavy tracks, James Zabiela was due on in the Discoteca midway through their set.

This was the third time I’d seen the birthday boy in action this year and, from the previous two occasions I knew that I should expect the unexpected. And that was exactly what he delivered. James Zabiela has a huge fanbase and understandably so, he has the energy of a Duracell bunny and a sense of fun that few DJs seem to possess these days.

Party time: A packed Main Terrace inside We Love - one of Ibiza

I was enthralled from the minute I walked into the Discoteca and found it difficult to leave the dancefloor even to go to the toilet such was Zabiela’s ability to keep me dancing. Eventually it was time to leave and head back to the Main Terrace where the night’s other main attraction, 2ManyDJs, were about to get started.

Now, I have to be honest I’d heard mixes by 2ManyDJs in the past and not been overly impressed. If you’re unfamiliar with the set up, 2ManyDJs play a DJ set together consisting of a broad range of different genres all laced together seamlessly – what some refer to as ‘block party’ DJing.

It’s a recipe that can’t really fail, but somehow I was nonplussed with the whole thing… that was until I saw them live in the my favourite club room in the world.

Action!: 2ManyDJs in full flight during an excellent evening at We Love

Possessed by the dancing spirit of the Main Terrace I danced relentlessly for the duration of their set, which was very impressive – particularly as it appeared the twosome were mixing together and selecting tracks with virtually no aural communication between them. It’s as if they can read each others’ minds. The entire room descended into a frenzy of wild dancing with wild screams and cheers of adulation emitting from the crowd incessantly.

When the set finally came to an end at 6.30am I truly believe that everyone in the room could have kept going for another two hours at least, such was the level of energy that 2ManyDJs had created.

At the end of September Aphex Twin retruns to We Love once again for their closing party (he was in attendance at last year’s closing extravaganza too). It’s bound to be just as amazing as the nights We Love conjures up each and every week.