Debenhams launches "invisible" hosiery after Kate Middleton sparks trend

A trend that has legs: Debenhams launches “invisible” hosiery for all skin tones

5:40 PM on 11th October 2011

Before: This is how the models

Before: This is how the models” legs looked before they tried on any tights at all

...and after: Debenhams

…and after: Debenhams” “invisible” tights do not change the colour of the models” legs or add an undesirable shininess

Distorted: Traditional

Distorted: Traditional “nude” tights, like those favoured by Kate Middleton, do not suit those with darker skin tones

Prince William and Kate Middleton pose for photographs in the State Apartments of St James Palace Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge

Telltale sheen: The Duchess of Cambridgehas not set a foot wrong when it comes to designer frocks, but with almost every single outfit, she is wearing ageing shiny hosiery