'I had my nipple pierced when I was 25': Davina McCall reveals her surprisingly naughty side



08:08 GMT, 3 April 2012

As one of the longest standing and most respected presenters on Channel 4, Davina McCall is not the first name to spring to mind when thinking of wild girls.

However, the mother-of-three, is not only a fan of body art, but she also has a couple of unexpected piercings.

The 44-year-old revealed that she had a nipple pierced when she was younger and only removed it after her husband said he wasn't keen on it.

Revealing: Davina McCall discusses her naughty side and why she removed a nipple piercing

Revealing: Davina McCall discusses her naughty side and why she removed a nipple piercing

During a funny photo-shoot with heat magazine, the former Big Brother presenter explains all about her wild side.

She said to the magazine: 'I had my nipple pierced when I was about 25, and my tummy. I thought the nipple was brilliant – it sensitises it – but Matthew didn’t like it, so after I met Matthew I took it out.'

Davina is also a big fan of tattoos and she has been inked four times with varying results.

Heat magazine is out now

Heat magazine is out now

She told the magazine: 'I have horns on my loins. It’s funny when I wear a bikini, because you can see the horns and you could be forgiven for thinking there’s a goat head down there.'

She added: 'I have an alien on my arse, but I’m not going to show you that. I have chilli peppers on my shoulders, which everyone thinks are carrots, so I’m going to maybe get those covered up.

'I’ve got my flower. It looks like a vagina with balls, but it’s actually a flower.'

The celebrity interviewed most by heat donned a Brownie costume equipped fully with smudged chocolate around her mouth.

The Got To Dance presenter relished the chance to get into costume and said: 'This was the best shoot ever, because I am naughty Brownie. I was top Brownie bitch.

'Then I went into the Guides for a bit, but I got bullied for being posh. So I binned the Guides.'

The full interview appears in this week’s heat, on sale now.