David Walliams still suffering after gruelling charity swim… but denies he has been tested for deadly Weil”s disease

4:39 PM on 28th September 2011

Exhausted: Walliams looking tired after 140 mile swim

Health scare: David Walliams is exhibiting symptoms of the deadly Weil”s disease

A challenge: David

A challenge: David”s swim also gave him a nasty stomach bug after he swallowed water laden with bacteria

Poorly: David has fatigue, muscle and joint pain and a fever, symptoms typical of Weil

Poorly: David has fatigue, a fever and muscle and joint pain, symptoms typical of Weil”s disease

Happy: David and wife Lara share a kiss at the Calvin Klein Collection at New York Fashion week

Happy: David and wife Lara at New York Fashion Week

I did it! But David Walliams has been left with a torn disc after his 140-mile charity swim of the River Thames

Thank god it”s over! David is all smiles after completing his charity swim