David Walliams stills suffering after gruelling charity swim, but denies he has been tested for deadly Weil"s disease.

David Walliams still suffering after gruelling charity swim… but denies he has been tested for deadly Weil”s disease

4:39 PM on 28th September 2011

Exhausted: Walliams looking tired after 140 mile swim

Health scare: David Walliams is exhibiting symptoms of the deadly Weil”s disease

A challenge: David

A challenge: David”s swim also gave him a nasty stomach bug after he swallowed water laden with bacteria

Poorly: David has fatigue, muscle and joint pain and a fever, symptoms typical of Weil

Poorly: David has fatigue, a fever and muscle and joint pain, symptoms typical of Weil”s disease

Happy: David and wife Lara share a kiss at the Calvin Klein Collection at New York Fashion week

Happy: David and wife Lara at New York Fashion Week

I did it! But David Walliams has been left with a torn disc after his 140-mile charity swim of the River Thames

Thank god it”s over! David is all smiles after completing his charity swim