Crying over films, cuddling on the sofa and enjoying bubble baths….It's the end of the macho man era (and most women prefer it that way)

Modern men have an increasingly soft center, and women prefer it that way.

The modern man is a big softy who cries over films, likes cuddling on the sofa and enjoys a bubble bath, according to a study.

The research provided by Hagen-Dazs revealed that millions of men listen to soppy love songs, become choked up if someone gets booted off X Factor and enjoy watching the latest rom-com.

Rise and rise of the metrosexual: Men like to soak in the tub as much as women do

Rise and rise of the metrosexual: Men like to soak in the tub as much as women do

But while 77 percent of women are in favour of the change, nearly a quarter complained there are times they wish their other half would 'man-up'.

Ed Culf, Marketing Director at Hagen-Dazs comments: 'It is fantastic to see that the modern man not only takes better care of himself, but he is in touch with his emotions and is no longer embarrassed to share his softer center.

 David Beckham

Strong, with a soft centre: David Beckham with baby daughter Harper

'It seems that women no longer pursue the stereotypical ‘”blokey bloke” and instead are looking for someone who feels comfortable showing a softer side.'

The survey of 1,000 women found that more than three quarters appreciate how in touch with their feelings the men in their lives are and women are in agreement that the demise of the old-fashioned 'blokey bloke' was a good thing – with nine in ten always opting for a big softie over a tough guy.

One quarter said their men wore lip balm while a third moisturise daily.

Topping the poll of celebrities that most embody this softer male with a strong exterior was David Beckham.

Culf said: 'There has been a significant shift in the perception of what makes a man over the last decade.

'Men are no longer ashamed to moisturise and share their feelings which was something their grandfathers – or perhaps even their fathers – could not do.'