Confessions of a fashionista: Watch out for the tea-making intern, she is savvier than you think



10:05 GMT, 31 August 2012

When an iconic fashion magazine closed, an intern left with more than just a reference for her CV. The famous independent magazine ran for a number of decades before being bought by a big publishing house. Shortly after the acquisition readership figures fell and the magazine was closed.

The editorial team had little warning. One morning they arrived at work and were told they no longer had jobs. The mag was shut immediately. The intern made everyone sugary cups of tea for the shock.

There was little work to do except tying up loose ends, so the redundant staff decided to go to the pub. They wanted to drink to the passing of a celebrated publication, and their pay packets. The intern said she'd tidy up and be along to join them in a few minutes.

Drowning sorrows on a lunchtime trip to the pub

Drowning sorrows on a lunchtime trip to the pub (posed by models)

The magazine staff spent the afternoon commiserating at the bar toasting all the great moments in the magazine's history: the famous covers, the winning interviews, the incredible photography, the amazing fashion. It was a sad day.

As the magazine team headed back to collect their belongings late afternoon, they realised the intern had never arrived. Bless her, she obviously didn't want to intrude on their grief.

In the office they discovered the back catalogue of the magazine was gone. Every issue, which had been kept as a record, was missing. From the first issue to the final edition: a collector's dream. An entire set of the renowned magazines would be worth a fortune. The intern had disappeared with the lot.

Did the intern transport them by taxi Or did she call a friend to help Did she eBay them Or sell them to a private collector Did she donate them to a museum Or line the walls of her house with them The logistics are impressive, the audacity staggering. She must have really hated making all those cups of tea.

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A back catalogue of magazines can be worth a small fortune

A back catalogue of magazines can be worth a small fortune