Christina Aguilera loves her curves, so don’t call her fat!

Haters can hate on her wobbly bits all they like, but Christina Aguilera reckons she looks hot with a little extra weight on.

The 30-year-old has gained a few kilos since splitting from her hubby a year ago and while critics are slamming her for getting “fat”, she’s more than happy with her new ‘Latina curves’ … and totally sick of denying pregnancy rumours!

“Christina loves her curves,” a friend close to the singer told “She is not pregnant! She’s a Latina woman with curves and since when is it not ok to have curves?”

“She feels like she is setting an example for women and young girls, especially Latinas,” the source continues. “She’s very proud of her curves. Christina thinks she is a good role model – not everyone is super skinny and she wants girls to embrace their body type.”

Good for her! It’s not like she’s fat or anything, she just has a preference for insanely tight dresses that leave nothing to the imagination… like the ‘bandaged poodle’ bizzo she wore to the AMAs the other day (above).

Xtina won’t be going shopping for a larger size anytime soon, though. Apparently she has a preference for tight frocks…

“It’s not what you look like in a dress, it is how you feel and it is about owning your dress,” says her friend. “If you want to wear a tight dress then own it. She says you need to be happy in your own skin the way she is happy in hers.”