Cheryl Cole shoes: Did one of her favourite designers Crisian & McCaffrey inspire collection?

Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery: Was Cheryl Cole inspired by one of her favourite shoe designers

She unveiled her first shoe collection this week, calling the project “a dream come true.”

But with no experience as a cobbler, how did Cheryl Cole manage to create the capsule collection for so quickly

Perhaps she took inspiration from one of her favourite labels.

Cheryl Cheryl Cole

Spot the difference: Cheryl Cole”s Freak Le Chic boot, 119.85, left, looks remarkably similar to the 560 Chastity boot by Crisian & McCaffrey

Fan: Cheryl wore a pair Crisian & McCaffrey heels on the X Factor

Fan: Cheryl wore a pair Crisian & McCaffrey heels on the X Factor

Cheryl”s Freak Le Chic boots looks remarkably similar to the Crisian & McCaffrey”s Chastity from the Autumn Winter 2011 collection.

The singer is said to have championed the brand since the official launch in February and has often been spotted out and about in their sky-high heels.

She wore a pair when she was a judge on the X Factor last year.

A London based design duo, Crisian & McCaffrey launched their footwear during London Fashion Week.

And it looks as though Cheryl might have been too much of a fan.

A spokesperson for Crisian & McCaffrey said: “We love Cheryl and we were ecstatic when she instantly became a fan of our shoes.

“She has supported us ever since our launch and we still get so excited when we see her wearing our shoes – we recently sent her a gift to show our support and to say a personal thank you.

“We were really interested in what her debut footwear collection would look like which is why we were disheartened when we saw a copy of our Chastity boots”.

Cheryl Cole shoe range from

Well-heeled: Cheryl claims she sketched every design for her collaboration with

Perhaps the shoes just remained in Cheryl”s subconscious when she began sketching the range.

Describing the process, she told the Telegraph: “They did the most amazing detailed drawings where they came on cardboard, like 3-D.

“Then I”d choose the fabrics.

“They”d do a swatch, and finally you get the finished shoe.”

Consideringthe brunette recently recently revealed she owns more than 2,000 pairs at home, it”s no wonder she has shoes on the brain.

A spokesperson for “All Cheryl”s designs are unique and reflect her personal style and taste.”