Cheryl Cole obsession: Charlotte O"Neill battles eating disorder to be as thin as star

“I lost three stone to be as thin as Cheryl Cole”: Shocking images of teenager battling eating disorder after becoming obsessed with former X-Factor judge

7:56 PM on 26th August 2011

Charlotte O

Still painfully thin: At her sickest, Charlotte O” Neill, who is 5ft7in, weighed only 5 1/2 stone. She is still struggling to reach a healthy weight but is convinced she is beating her obsession

Recovering: Charlotte is now 18 is still under 6st but steadily gaining weight

Danger zone: Doctors warned Charlotte she was putting her heart and other organs at risk and put her on a strict meal plan

Cheryl Cole Cheryl Cole

Cheryl, although slim, always looked healthy as a judge on the X Factor

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