Cheryl Cole appeared dressed just like a Liquorice Allsort, we reveal the other stars inspired by the sweet bag

Good enough to eat: From Cheryl Cole to Pippa Middleton, we reveal the stars inspired by the sweet bag



02:35 GMT, 19 May 2012

After Cheryl Cole appeared dressed head to toe in black-and-white stripes — just like a Liquorice Allsort, according to fashion commentators — we reveal the other celebrities – from Beyonce to Victoria Beckham – seemingly influenced by confectionery when choosing their outfit

Cheryl Cole

Lorraine Kelly

Pippa Middleton

Bertie Bassett

The nation’s sweetie: Cheryl Cole’s found a new style icon in Bertie Bassett


Choc aye the noo: Caring Scott Lorraine Kelly is soft-centred

Strawberry delight

Red hot chili Pippa: Fruity Miss Middleton is a strawberry delight

Dita Von Teese


Kym Marsh

Quality Street

Vonderbar: Dita Von Teese is the perfect foil in this golden outfit


Eye candy: Eva Herzigova is a treat in stripes

Quality Street

Quality Street: Corrie star Kym Marsh gets tin out of tin for her purple train


Nancy Dell'Olio

Sienna Miller


Bee-yonce: Singer is still bootyliquorice

Quality Street

Fashion tri-hard: Nancy Dell'Olio has remembered a thing or three from Sven…but is she any good at corners


Give us a swirl: Sienna Miller’s frock is a twist on a marshmallow

Theresa May

Cheryl Cole

Christie Brinkley

Quality Street

Terry's Chocolate Orange: Theresa May have got it wrong

Cadbury Fudge Sweet

Cheryl's peril: Here she is again, this time as a U.S. X Factor judge


Fizzy blonde: Uptown Girl Christie Brinkley has a zing in her step

Ivana Trump

Victoria Beckham

Jennifer Lopez

Cher Lloyd


Dedicated coconut: Ivana Trump as Lady Bountyful

Quality Street

Gold finger: But skinny Victoria Beckham still can’t smile for toffee

Humbug sweets

Does my humbug look big in this: Jennifer Lopez shows off an impressive stripy wrapper


Dolly Mixture: Cher Lloyd could get into Allsorts of trouble in this multi-coloured confection