Cake replaces chicken as UK's most searched-for food term thanks to TV baking shows
Cake is most searched-for food termPizza is 4th most popular search – moving up six places
Couscous, courgette and canaps fall off list of top ten

Thanks to cookery programmes such as the Great British Bake Off and Baking Made Easy baking is back in vogue.

According to the UK's biggest food website, the word 'cake' has replaced the word 'chicken' as the most searched-for food term.

Pizza has also scaled up the list of popular searches, from 10th in 2010 to 4th as people strive to reduce their shopping bills.

 'Cake' has replaced the word 'chicken' as the most searched-for food term

'Cake' has replaced the word 'chicken' as the most searched-for food term

Meanwhile pasta, another economical comfort food staple, has entered the top ten list of most-searched recipes for the first time.

Commenting on the findings Gillian Carter, editor Good
Food Magazine said: 'It's not surprising that in tough times we reach for
comforting food.

'One of the ways we keep calm and carry on is with cake
and a cuppa – or our imported national favourites – pasta and pizza.'

Mackerel also shot up 10 places from 21 to
10 as users search for seafood alternatives.

Dropping out of the top ten are couscous and courgette (the latter a favourite in 2010).

And canaps have also fallen off the list, suggesting we're entertaining less often or prefer more informal party food.

A poll of the most popular recipes of 2011 was also dominated by baked goods.

Malt chocolate cheesecake came third place, strawberry & white chocolate mousse cake was rated fifth, summer fruit drizzle cake came in seventh while chocolate & banana cake took ninth place.

Showing that the nation is becoming more adventurous in the kitchen a combination of chicken and chorizo
jambalaya scooped first place.

While cake topped the list for 2011 it is expected that trends will change in the first half of 2012 as people start New Year diets,

Carter added: 'However, with a New Year comes a fresh start, so many of us will want to
shed a few pounds.'