Bumps in the white: From fittings to fabrics, wedding gown designer reveals ultimate guide to dressing a pregnant bride



18:02 GMT, 6 April 2012

Finding the dream wedding gown is often one of a bride's
most challenging tasks but finding the perfect dress for a mother-to-be can prove even tougher.

A New York bridalwear chain has offered helpful tips
for brides who are expecting.

Cristina DeMarco, vice-president of Bridal
Reflections, said that one of the most important things to focus on is deciding whether
or not a pregnant bride feels comfortable showing their growing belly off on the big day.

Bundle of joy: Bridal shopping when you're pregnant should not be as daunting as it may first sound according to a New York bridal salon owner

Bundle of joy: Bridal shopping when you're pregnant should not be as daunting as it may first sound according to a New York bridal salon owner

She told the Huffington Post that brides who want to hide
their bump should invest in a gown with an empire-waist.

Brides who wish to
keep the bump out there are advised to avoid off-the-rack designs and hunt down
a professional seamstress to help accentuate growing curves.

Ms DeMarco, who has been in the bridal business for more
than 26 years, said: 'An empire-waist style allows for the bride to feel
comfortable and not constricted. [They] are typically made of lighter fabrics
such as chiffon, organza or georgette.

'This style will be fitted around the bust and flowing from
the bust-line down.'

Curly Sue

Lily Allen

One way or another: Curly Sue actress Alisan Porter (left) chose a figure-hugging gown at her wedding while singer Lily Allen (right) opted to hide her baby bump

As for the loud and proud mothers-to-be, she said: 'Many brides go
for a trumpet or mermaid style gown, which is fitted up top and flows out at
the thigh or lower calf.'

She added that brides must schedule fittings in the final
week before the wedding to make sure the gown fits properly.


The face behind New York's Bridal
Reflections chain advises pregnant brides to consider the following:

A V-shaped neckline will elongate the neck and make for a more slim appearance.

Typically, a bride should add one inch per month of pregnancy to her measurements.

A creative way to celebrate both your pregnancy and your wedding is to reveal the sex of the baby through the colour inside the wedding cake. Cutting the cake can reveal either pink or blue filling.

While it may seem unbecoming, it is also recommended that pregnant brides wear very comfortable shoes or flats on the big day.

Another important thing to remember is that brides who have
been pregnant should not reply on past measurements.

Some women do not experience the same weight development as they did in their
previous pregnancy.

A good seamstress should ask pregnant brides plenty of
questions prior to deciding on a gown's design, such as how her weight normally
fluctuates and how many months along she will be on her special day.

Weather should also factor into the gown selection process.
While it may sound obvious, pregnant brides are advised by Ms Demarco to 'opt for
lighter fabrics' during the warmer months.

For some who have already begun scouring
magazines and stores for inspiration, it can be all too easy to forget how heavy certain fabrics can be.

Most importantly, pregnant brides should not be discouraged
if they cannot manage to slip into their gown just a few days before their

Ms DeMarco said: 'There is always a solution! Seamstresses
have the ability to add several customizations such as adding a side seam into
the dress or perhaps a corset back.'