Brits only change their sheets once every three weeks (but a sixth leave it more than month)



16:06 GMT, 24 April 2012

They say you shouldn't air your dirty linen in public.

And many will wish they could keep their laundry habits under wraps as it appears Brits only wash their bed sheets once every three weeks.

And one in six leave it longer than a month, a new survey has revealed.

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Shut eye: Experts believe a clean bedroom is an essential part
of a good night’s sleep

Less than half bother to make the bed every morning, with men being the laziest with only just over a third doing so.

The shock figures may explain why
three-in-four adults (75 per cent) describe themselves as sleep
deprived, as experts believe that a clean bedroom is an essential part
of a good night’s sleep.

While only one in five people (19 per cent) clock up the recommended eight hours per night, clean sheets are low down the nation’s list of priorities.

With the average turnaround time for changing sheets standing at ten-and-a-half minutes, one in 10 adults still rely on their parents or partners to do the job.

The research on bedroom behaviour and sleeping habits by shopping channel QVC also found that less than half the nation (47 per cent) take time to make their beds every morning, despite the fact that the average Brit rates their bed as one of their top five possessions.

The bed is much more sacred to women with 56 per cent making sure they make their bed every day, compared to only 38 per cent of men.

One in five women (22 per cent) admit they spend more money on their bed than their sofa.

When it comes to pre-sleep rituals, men are more likely to browse the internet in bed, with seven per cent admitting checking Facebook or Twitter is the last thing they do before going to sleep.

One in four women (27 per cent) read a book before the lights go out.

One in six adults (16 per cent) still take a cuddly toy to bed with them each night, while one in 25 adults (four per cent) sleep with the light on.

One in nine people (11 per cent) admit they have considered breaking up with their partner as a result of their bedtime behaviour.

Snoring (34 per cent), hogging the duvet (14 per cent), fidgeting or kicking (10 per cent), taking over one side of the bed (11 per cent) and breaking wind (five per cent) were the main causes of nighttime annoyance.

And with life getting busier and busier, more than 40 per cent spend at least one night a week away from their bed, either with friends or family (16 per cent), crashing on the sofa (11 per cent), with a partner (nine per cent), in a hotel (five per cent) or even in the office (one per cent).

Yorkshire folk clean their bed sheets just once every four weeks, while North Easterners have the cleanest sheets in the country, changing their bedding every fortnight.

Residents of the West Midlands are the nation’s fastest bed-makers with an average speed of 9 minutes and 12 seconds, while Welsh people are the slowest, taking 13 minutes on average to turn their bed around.

Renowned interior designer Kelly Hoppen MBE, who sells her own range exclusively on QVC, said: 'Getting a good night’s sleep is so important, especially with so many of us juggling such hectic lives at work and at home.