Isn't it all pants One in six superstitious Brits refuse to walk under ladders, while over 800,000 admit to having lucky underwear
5.8 million people admit to being superstitiousSeven is Britain's luckiest numberBiggest superstition is a fear of walking under laddersOver 800,000 people have lucky underpants



12:59 GMT, 9 November 2012

Are you the sort of character who avoids wandering under ladders Do you salute any magpie that crosses your path You're not alone, as 5.8 million people admit to being superstitious.

The new research, conducted by The Betway Group, revealed that over ten million people won't walk under ladders for fear that it will bring them bad luck, while a further nine million people believe that breaking a mirror will bring seven years bad fortune.

5.8 million people admit to being superstitious

5.8 million people admit to being superstitious

And it seems people are just as
superstitious when it comes to bringing about good luck too.

Over 800,000 people in the UK have confessed that they believe in the power of lucky underwear, while 2.7 million people admit to holding onto the
childhood belief that if you blow out all of your birthday candles in one breath, your wish will come true.


1. Seven

2. Thirteen

3. Three

4. Eight

5. Five

When it comes to number crunching, we have our fixed ideas there too.

The number seven scored as the number the nation cited as their luckiest number, with David Beckham, who plays in a number seven shirt and even gave his daughter the middle name Seven, counted among them.

Over 4.3 million people believed having a lucky number brought them good fortune. And despite popular thinking that the number 13 is the unluckiest of all, in the survey, it came out as the second luckiest.

Richard Wiseman, Professor of the Public Understanding of Psychology at the University of Hertfordshire, said 'People can create luck and good fortune by changing their outlook on life, focusing on grabbing opportunities and creating positive expectations.'

Actress Bebe Daniels crosses her fingers for good luck as she stands underneath a ladder.

Actress Bebe Daniels crosses her fingers for good luck as she stands underneath a ladder.

'People also create their own superstitions and rituals in the belief it will change their fortunes.'

many people wearing a lucky football shirt, or not putting their top on
until they run onto the pitch, will change their mood provide a real
boost in performance during the game.'

'It is possible through neural programming to think yourself lucky.'


1. If you walk under a ladder you will have bad luck

2. To break a mirror will bring seven years bad luck

3. To open an umbrella in the house will bring bad luck

4. Putting new shoes on the table brings bad luck

5. Friday the thirteenth is an unlucky day

6. If a black cat crosses your path you will have bad luck

7. If you blow out all the candles on your birthday cake in one go you will get whatever you wish for

8. Walking over three drains brings bad luck

9. A lock from a baby’s first haircut should be kept for good luck

10. A rabbit’s foot brings good luck

11. Avoid stepping of cracks to avoid bad luck

12. Washing a car will bring rain

13. Wearing a certain pair of pants will bring good luck