Britain and Ireland"s Next Top Model: The catfights commence as Elle Macpherson reveals the final 13 girls set to fight it out for the crown

Britain and Ireland's Next Top Model: The catfights commence as Elle Macpherson reveals the final 13 girls set to fight it out for the crown



11:12 GMT, 17 July 2012

Emotions ran high on last night's episode of Britain and Ireland's Next Top Model as Elle Macpherson and her panel of judges sent home three girls.

The unexpected cull saw four girls pack their bags and head home after bootcamp in Dubai – and before even setting foot in the model house. Three, Anna, Louisa and Diona, were eliminated, while Amelia walked out, citing 'personal reasons'.

The 13 remaining girls are set to enter the house, where they will embark upon the series of tasks that will see them fight it out to be crowned Britain and Ireland's Next Top Model.

Here we introduce the girls… along with Elle Macpherson's personal take on each one.

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The final 13 in the BINTM house

Back row: (left to right): Roxanne, Penny, Emma S, Anita, Emma G, Anne. Front row (left to right): Madeleine, Lisa, Letitia, Jennifer, Tamsin, Kelly, Rissikat



'This girl has amazing bone structure, a great personality and the body for couture. She just needs to make sure she keeps that gorgeous look versatile.'


'Beautiful body, sweet face and gorgeous hair. Emma typifies so many girls who have potential but question themselves, finding her confidence will be the key.'


'This girl has legs that go on forever and one of the most model-esque bodies in the competition, but that could also be her downfall as a body like that brings high expectations.'


Head judge: Elle Macpherson gives her opinion on the girls in the final 13

Head judge: Elle Macpherson gives her opinion on the girls in the final 13

'Anne is so important to this competition as she represents a different type of beauty and this girl knows how to model! For her, it’s going to all be about the angles of her face.'


'Maddie is a great character but when your personality is so large, people expect your pictures to be stand out. She has a really interesting face and an Amazonian body. For her it’s going to be about studying what works best for her.'


'Penelope isn’t the most obvious model in the group but study her and you see these gorgeous Bridget Bardot lips and fabulous legs, her issue will be making these work to her advantage.'


'Anita is one of those girls you could be with all day, everyone loves her. She has an exotic beauty and a fantastic body, but doesn’t really know what to do with it which is going to be something she will need to watch.'


'This young lady has more to her than meets the eye and has great potential. She is extremely sweet and loveable, her main issue is confidence and realising how good she can be.'


'Foxy Roxie! This girl struggles to take a bad picture and for a mum with a young child, her body is amazing. Aiming for versatility will be her key, as her look won’t always suit a softer shoot.'


'Letitia has an allure which a great model needs, however she isn’t the tallest girl and her body isn’t the most model-esque so she will need to work those areas to her advantage and not rely on her face.'


'I love Jennifer. She has a really interesting, quirky face with these amazing eyes that capture the lens. She isn't the most obvious model in the group and will need to believe in the gifts that she has.'


'Probably the most classic beauty out of everyone. A traditionally gorgeous girl who photographs well but she will need to stand out in other ways aside from her photos.'


'Great attitude, great walk, a sexy girl. Rissikat has tried to get on the competition for a few years and now she is here, she needs to make sure that she can surprise the judges and deliver killer pictures.'

VIDEO: Tearful eliminations on Britain and Ireland's Next Top Model