Blondarexia: Lady Gaga and Jennifer Aniston sport latest bleached hair craze

The rise of blondarexia: Latest hair craze (we won”t be following) involves bleaching your hair so much it frizzles

5:46 PM on 3rd June 2011

Far too light: Natural brunette, Rachel McAdams looked very blonde in Cannes last monthUnhealthy hair: Micha Barton got her hair done at Inanch salon before the Pia Minchi launchUnhealthy hair: Mena Suvari looks like she

Are you blondarexic Actresses Rachel McAdams, Mischa Barton and Mena Suvari have all been spotted with very light-coloured hair recently

Brassy: Jennifer Aniston back in FebruaryOld hand: Madonna performing with white locksTrend setter: Lady Gaga with a white fringe - that contrasts with her black wig

Old hands: Jennifer Aniston, Madonna and Lady Gaga have all been supporting the blondarexic look for a while

More natural-looking: Rachel McAdams in Morning GloryOld school: Mischa Barton with darker hairOld favourite: Jennifer Aniston

Better as brunettes Rachel McAdams, Mischa Barton and Jennifer Aniston with darker hair