What's looking good for 2012


It’s a new year and, whatever your goals, make sure you resolve to change at least one thing in your beauty regime — even if it’s only the way you do your eye make-up. To help you, here’s our guide to the products that will make a splash in 2012.

New year's resolution: Start 2012 on the right foot with perfect beauty buys

New year's resolution: Start 2012 on the right foot with perfect beauty buys


Spring 2012 make-up will be fresh-looking, according to Avon’s professional make-up artist Liz Pugh. ‘Skin will be glowing again, thanks to the sheer formulations and lighter textures of foundations,’ she says.

Try Avon’s Ideal Natural Shade Liquid Foundation (10.50 avonshop.co.uk), or Maybelline New York Dream Nude Airfoam Foundation (8.99, available this month from Boots), a lighter-than-air sheer foundation.


Cheeks will be soft and pretty, flushed in warm pinks or apricot tones. The best texture for blush is a cream or gel, as it won’t sit heavily on the skin.

Bronzer is also big for the season, but instead of dusting across your cheek bones, sweep it around the edges of the face to create a halo effect.

Paul & Joe’s quirky Spring/Summer collection is inspired by cats, and has some gorgeous products, including the fabulous Blusher Sticks, 21, cat-shaped creamy cheek powder, and a two-tone Matte Pressed Powder (28, Fenwick and Harrods, from this month) with the shape of a cat embossed into the powder.


Eyeliner is big news for 2012, especially feline flicks with big, full-on lashes.

DKNY and D&G have sent models down catwalks with neutral eye make-up and drawn on cat-like eyes, but if this seems too much for you, start by extending your eyeliner past the corner of your eye and flicking up the end.

Wear your eyeliner with earthy or soft metallic eye shadow.

There is also a big trend for false-effect lashes — look out for make-up range Art Deco. The Eye Designer Applicator Art Design has a double-sided applicator pencil with two refillable power eye shadows that are long-lasting and crease-resistant (9.75, Debenhams).

Maybelline New York Dream Nude Airfoam Foundation

Paul & Joe's bronzer

Art Deco Eye Designer Applicator Art Design

From left: Maybelline New York Dream Nude Airfoam Foundation, Paul & Joe's bronzer, Art Deco Eye Designer Applicator Art Design


We are used to false lashes and false nails, but how do you feel about fake lips

The innovative beauty brand Violent Lips has created temporary lip tattoos, available in dozens of designs, including animal prints and the Union flag.

Each tattoo lasts for eight hours and celebrities such as Kelly Rowland, who has already been seen with leopard-print lips, are falling over themselves to follow the trend (7.99, available nationwide).

Violent Lips, temporary lip tattoos, 7.99

Facial plant oil

Or people can resort to cosmetic surgery

From left: Violent Lips, temporary lip tattoos, 7.99, facial plant oils, or people can resort to cosmetic surgery


Fake tans will still be on trend in 2012, but there will be more emphasis on creating gleaming, polished skin as opposed to the extreme perma-tans of previous years.

Tanning guru James Read predicts more body-finishing products will hit the market, and recommends tan-enhancing products, such as Model Co Shimmer Airbrush Illuminiser (15, SpaceNK), to create the look.

Skin-finishing expert Nichola Joss created a high-fashion skin finish at the David Koma collection by layering St Tropez Gold Illuminator and Rose Illuminator (12.26, st-tropez.com), which she applied to arms and legs.

Mousse and gradual tanning products are also going to be big this year with new technology hitting the market.

Products to look out for include L’Oreal Paris New Sublime Bronze self-tanning mousse and, in a new addition to the St Tropez range, a self-tan perfect texture for men, which applies evenly over body hair and rough skin (25, available from Boots).

St Tropez Naturals Self-Tan

Charles Worthington Front Row Forever Lasting Hairspray

From left: St Tropez Naturals Self-Tan and Charles Worthington Front Row Forever Lasting Hairspray


According to Dr Lionel de Benetti, Clarins’ head of research and development, 2012 will be the year of facial oil. ‘Plant oils have a very fine molecular structure, so they are rapidly absorbed by the skin, which means they give quick results. Use oil every night for three weeks for the best results, but as they’re so readily absorbed, you should actually notice a difference within days.’

Maria Hatzistefanis, founder of Rodial, says facial volumising and sculpting is a major trend for this year. ‘This anti-ageing technique is going to be the must-have in high-tech skincare and is a great alternative to surgery,’ she says.

‘Taking inspiration from popular filler Restylane, the liquid facelift is set to be the new Botox.’


Ponytails will be a key look this season, whether you wear them high or low. Akin Konizi, British hairdresser of the year for 2011, says they are best when worn polished and simple, teamed with a low-side-parting.

Keep your style in place with a fine mist of Charles Worthington Front Row Forever Lasting Hairspray (6.29, Boots).

Hair trends will come from the year’s big new films, so expect bespoke tailored hair with a nostalgic feel inspired by Madonna’s W.E. (about Wallis Simpson), The Iron Lady and The Great Gatsby.


Cosmetic surgeon Dr Roberto Veil says the MACS (Minimal Access Cranial Suspension) Lift, combined with the Plasmax Plasma Concentrate (PCC) system, will be big in 2012.

‘The MACS Lift is a simple face-lift designed to lift the lower two thirds of the face with minimal inconvenience,’ he says. ‘Only a limited amount of excess skin needs to be removed and leaves nothing but an inconspicuous scar in the crease in the front of the ear and in the hairline above the ear. This type of face-lift can be performed with local anaesthetic.’

For 2012, the Advanced MACS Lift is available and can ensure faster recovery, with less bruising. Your own blood platelets are mixed with thrombin, a blood component, to form a natural gel referred to as the ‘Chicago Facelift’.

Placing the gel on to the wound before closure enables these platelets to clot, so there is less risk of bleeding and it ensures better healing and faster recovery with less swelling and bruising. (The MACS Lift, 6,000; PPC System, 800 at London Centre for Aesthetic Surgery, 020 7636 4272; lcas.com)


Revlon is 80 this year. It was the first brand to create opaque nail enamel in 1932 and the iconic Cherries in the Snow and Revlon Red are still best sellers. This year, Revlon launches 20 new shades with a silk silicone formula that helps smooth the nail surface. New names we love include Fashionista, Fearless and Knockout (6.99 each, Boots). We can expect also news from Max Factor, as nail artist Zara Celik has joined the brand and will be working on a Max Colour Effect project in 2012.


Brows will be big, bold and beautiful. Tweezerman, creator of slant tweezers, suggests a less severe version, by tweezing grown-out brows with a slight arch and filling in with short pencil strokes for a well-groomed look. Look out for Tweezerman Harajuku Lovers Slant Tweezers (27, lookfantastic.com).


Argan Oil is still a hot ingredient for 2012. This nut oil is native to Morocco, where it has been used for hundreds of years. Douvall’s Organic Argan Oil Moisturiser (12, urbanretreat.co.uk) contains twice as much vitamin E as olive oil to hydrate skin, plus essential fatty acids omega-6 and 9.
Osmo is launching a range of Argan-infused products, including shampoo, mask, Shine Spray and Berber Oil. Osmo Berber Oil Shampoo Rejuvenating Cleanser (9.99, available from February from Salon Services and osmo.uk.com).

REVLON red nail enamel

Tweezerman Harajuku Lovers slant Tweezers, 27

Douvall's Organic Argan Oil Moisturiser, 12

From left: REVLON red nail enamel, Tweezerman Harajuku Lovers Slant Tweezers, Douvall's Organic Argan Oil Moisturiser