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Eyeliner is having a moment. It’s one of the strongest looks for eyes this season, whether it’s a Japanese-inspired square flick – seen on the catwalks at Mary Katrantzou and Erdem – a softer, more wearable, smudged pencil line, or a strong feline swoop as sported by Adele and Victoria Beckham. Here’s our guide to finding the best product to pep up your peepers…
Eyeliner is one of the strongest looks for eyes this season, whether it's a Japanese-inspired square flick or a softer, more wearable, smudged pencil line

Eyeliner is one of the strongest looks for eyes this season, whether it's a Japanese-inspired square flick or a softer, more wearable, smudged pencil line


If you are an eyeliner novice and want to experiment, a pen with a felt tip is the easiest way to try the trend. Felt-tip pens are very versatile — equally good for drawing on a natural, flattering fine line or creating a dramatic flash, like Adele with her trademark feline flicks. Bourjois Eyeliner Feutre, 6.99 (Boots), is a liquid pen-style eyeliner, in the shape of a felt-tip pen, and is easier to apply with more precision than a brush. Soap & Glory Supercat Eyeliner Pen Carbon Black Extreme, 6 (Boots), has a fine point and is good for creating a natural look or thick edge or dramatic flash. GOSH Intense Eyeliner, 6.49 (Superdrug), has a felt tip with a fine nib and is available in black, blue, dark green, purple, brown and grey.


For a more dramatic and defined look, pencils are definitely the most flexible. You can draw a lighter line or something heavier and smudgy. Chocolate browns, navy and charcoal are good choices, especially for older women as they give a softer look. Sue Devitt Defining Eyeliner, 16 (, gives a modern take on the traditional black line. The ultra-thin, twist-up pencil is good for creating a precise line or can be used to enhance the inner rims of the eye, the signature eyeliner style of the Duchess of Cambridge.

‘Take the pencil and run it over the top and bottom lash line. Then smudge the colour with your fingertips or use the applicator at the other end of the pencil,’ advises Devitt. For added drama, Estee Lauder Pure Color Intense Kajal Eyeliner, 16 (, is a creamy pencil which is soft enough to be drawn on to the inner rim of the eyes. It’s available in six colours, including Blackened Black, Blackened Cocoa, Blackened Sapphire, and Blackened Plum. Less expensive options include Accessorize Eye Pencil in Dark Chocolate, 3 (Superdrug), or Models Own Kohl Eyeliner, 4 (Boots), which is good if you prefer a softer line as it comes with a smudger.

Bourjois Eyeliner Feutre

Accessorize Eye Pencil in Dark Chocolate

Rimmel's Exaggerate Eyeliner in Black

Bourjois Eyeliner Feutre, Accessorize Eye Pencil in Dark Chocolate and Rimmel's Exaggerate Eyeliner in Black


Gels are a great choice if you want a long-lasting effect but they do require skill and patience when you apply them. Gel liner has staying power, making it the best choice for anyone who wears a strong liner look as part of their everyday make-up. L’Oreal Paris Perfect Slim Super Liner Gel in Intense Black, 6.49 (Boots), is a gel in pen form that is easier to apply than with a brush.


For the perfect line, Kabuki, artistic director of Myface Cosmetics, says:

STEP 1: Tilt your face upwards and raise your eyebrows. In this position, the lid is fully extended and you can get the line right in where the lashes grow.

STEP 2: Rest your elbow on a table top to steady your application. Work from the inner eyelid to the outer and extend the line upwards for ultimate eye flick.

STEP 3: Don’t overload your brush, wipe off the excess liner beforehand — you can go in later to make the middle and outer liner thicker if you wish.


Eyeliner is one item in your make-up bag that doesn’t have to cost a fortune. Some of the best ones cost less than 10. Choose from gel pots, felt-tip pens, liquids and sponge tips to create a multitude of effects. The most important thing to remember is to choose a product you feel confident applying.

If you’re a pro, Rimmel London Glam
Eyes Gel Eyeliner, 6.49 (Boots), has a brush built into the cap and
Revlon Colorstay Crme Gel Eyeliner, 8.99 (Boots), also has a built-in
brush which you pull out, and glides on easily. For the best results
with gel liner, you need to invest in a precision brush so you can get
closer to your lash line. MAC 211 Pointed Liner Brush, 16 (mac, is one of the best brushes around for this.


The thinner the eyeliner, the bigger the eyelid appears and some make-up artists believe you can only get the look by using liquid eyeliner and a very fine brush. Sue Devitt believes the deep pigment of a liquid can be more flattering than a pencil and enhances and intensifies the look. And celebrity make-up artist Caroline Frazer, who works with skincare brand Simple, says: ‘Getting creative with your eyeliner can be tricky at first; it requires a steady hand and a lot of practice.

‘It’s important to invest in a good liquid liner, such as Rimmel’s Exaggerate Eyeliner in Black, 5.29 (Boots), that will glide over your lid easily.’ MyFace Cosmetics Slinky Liquid Liner in Paint It Black, 6.99 (, is matte liquid liner with a tiny brush which gives precise results. The best bargain buy is Barry M Bold Waterproof Eyeliner, 3.99 (Boots). This waterproof liquid liner pen is the blackest of black and the cheapest we tested. It is long-lasting — the claim is up to eight hours — but is quite difficult to remove.




You don’t have to sacrifice a good skincare regime when on holiday. Jurlique’s new Rose Moisture Plus with Antioxidant Complex is a multi-tasking, high-performance skincare range and comes in travel-friendly sizes. Created from Jurlique’s classic blend of rose essential oils, they smell wonderful and deliver long-lasting moisturisation. The Moisturising Cleanser, 18, Rosewater Balancing Mist, 16.50, and Moisturising Cream, 28.50, make the perfect holiday skincare set. All at SpaceNK.



Nothing brings the bloom back to tired-looking skin quicker than a facial peel. That’s Incredi-peel! (39 for 30 pads; are new peel pads from Bliss soaked with exfoliating glycolic acid. Simply wipe over your face — you feel your skin tingling slightly — for a refreshed complexion. Alternatively, with Sarah Chapman’s Instant Miracle Mask, 38 for four sachets and shaker (SpaceNK), you mix a sachet of powder with water to create a paste that becomes a mask. It contains Argan, which has high levels of fatty acids, vitamin C, and hyaluronic acid, to hydrate, plump and moisturise the skin.



For the past 20 years, YSL’s Touche Eclat Radiant Touch — a highlighter pen with light-reflecting particles — has been a make-up bag essential. The cult product releases just the right amount of highlighter with each click, fills in fine lines and hollows without drying delicate skin and illuminates your complexion. A tube of Touche Eclat is sold around the world every ten seconds and now it’s achieved the status of the UK’s number one luxury beauty product. To celebrate, this week YSL launches a limited-edition, hammered gold version. From 25 (


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I wouldn't normally mention a laundry product in a beauty column, but with the popularity of fake tans on the increase, a fake tan stain remover, designed to help remove those stubborn tan stains that end up on clothing, bedding, towels and underwear, is a must-have. Dr Beckmann Fake Tan Stain Remover, 1.99 (0845 017 8000 or Simply soak affected items in hot water with Fake Tan Stain Remover for two hours before a regular wash with your usual detergent and unsightly stains will come out. Fake Tan Stain Remover packs include three sachets that can be used to treat up to nine separate items.