Beauty confidential: How a fringe can be as good as a facelift

How a fringe can be as good as a facelift



22:35 GMT, 10 October 2012

If there was a cream that instantly erased wrinkles, enhanced cheekbones and made our eyes stand out, we’d pay a fortune for it. ‘Happily, all you need is a fringe,’ says celebrity hairdresser Andrew Barton, who is famous for his makeovers on hit TV show 10 Years Younger. But which fringe is right for you


Will you go for long and light like Lorraine Kelly, choppy like Linda Gray, or copy Carol Vorderman’s shaggy, parted style

Fringe benefits: From left, Lorraine Kelly's style is long and light, Linda Gray goes choppy while Carol Vorderman has a shaggy, parted look

Fringe benefits: From left, Lorraine Kelly's style is long and light, Linda Gray goes choppy while Carol Vorderman has a shaggy, parted look

Fringe benefits: From left, Lorraine Kelly's style is long and light, Linda Gray goes choppy while Carol Vorderman has a shaggy, parted look

Fringe benefits: From left, Lorraine Kelly's style is long and light, Linda Gray goes choppy while Carol Vorderman has a shaggy, parted look

The first step to getting the best fringe for you is to work out your face shape. ‘Stand in front of your bathroom mirror and, with a lipstick, draw an outline of your face on the glass. You’ll instantly see what shape you are,’ says Barton.


Go for a thick, blunt fringe to show off your stand-out cheekbones. Or, if you’re feeling bold, you could also carry off a pixie crop with a short hairline fringe.

In fact, heart-shaped faces look so good with a fringe that, if you don’t have one, it can make your forehead seem a little wide in relation to your chin. If you’re still unsure, ask your hairdresser to cut a long fringe so you can easily tuck it behind your ears if you don’t like it.


Choose a long, eyebrow-skimming fringe. A wispy cut works well with fine hair, while those with thicker locks will find that a long fringe that can be styled to the side is youthful. A sideswept fringe also adds a flattering angle to your face.


You’ll suit a short, choppy fringe or a side-swept fringe that is longer at the temples. Both styles work whether your hair is thick or fine, but steer clear of a bold, straight fringe as this is too heavy for oval face shapes.


You can disguise a high forehead with a thick, blunt-cut fringe. If your features are angular, soften them with a soft-cut, side-swept fringe.


With a strong, broad forehead and an
angular jaw, you can get away with a big, choppy fringe that touches the
brows. Ask your hairdresser to leave your fringe longer and layered at
the sides for maximum anti-ageing impact.


Lee Stafford: ‘Fringes can be
seriously flirty,’ says Lee, whose clients include actress Billie Piper
and singer Rachel Stevens. ‘Because your forehead is hidden by hair, it
emphasises your eyes. This may sound silly, but peep out from beneath
your fringe as if it were eyelashes and you’ll make a sexy statement.’

Barton: ‘Never have your fringe cut to last,’ says Andrew Barton, who
has tamed the tresses of supermodels Elle Macpherson, Kate Moss and
Penny Lancaster. ‘Instead, ask your stylist to cut it to the perfect
length and return between hair cuts for a trim. Most good salons will
offer this service free to regulars — don’t be tempted to get the
scissors out at home!’

Flavien Abbas: ‘The magic of a fringe is
that it totally rebalances your face,’ says Flavien, who has worked with
actresses Marion Cotillard, Catherine Deneuve and Charlotte Rampling.
‘If you have fine hair, a fringe will make your hair look thicker. To
emphasise small, delicate features, make sure that you can still see
your forehead through your hair.’


Guerlain Terracotta Light Sheer bronzing powder, 33.50, Debenhams

Guerlain Terracotta Light Sheer bronzing powder, 33.50, Debenhams

Wearing a fringe changes the dimensions of your face, but make-up artist Rupert Kingston has some sure-fire tips for making the most of your new look.

‘Give your lips an extra pop of colour to draw attention to the centre of your face,’ he says. ‘This season’s reds, plums and strong pinks are perfect. Or pick a gloss with more pigmentation, such as slick Decadence by New CID cosmetics, 18.50,, a plum-coloured gloss that adds a subtle sheen.

‘Go for neutral eye make-up. Apply natural matte brown eye shadow such as George Velvet Eye Shadow in Yettie, 2.50, Asda, with a slick of black liquid eyeliner such as 17 Lacquer Liner, 3.99. Finish with two or three coats of black mascara, such as 2true Eye Lengthening Mascara No 1, 1.99, Superdrug.

‘Because of the strong lines fringes give, it pays to use sculpting techniques. Try Guerlain Terracotta Light Sheer bronzing powder, 33.50, Debenhams, under the cheekbone. Or 2true Bronzing Brush, 1.99, Superdrug, is a cheaper option.

‘Some women find that their skin feels warmer under a fringe. “Mattify” your T-zone with a loose powder such as Collection 2000 Translucent Powder Sheer 2, 2.99, to set your foundation, especially if you have a loose, sweeping fringe which moves a lot.’

Flirt with a fringe: Hiding your forehead emphasises your eyes

Flirt with a fringe: Hiding your forehead emphasises your eyes


Your new fringe may demand a little extra attention. After washing, add a heat-protecting product such as Elnett Heat Protection Spray Straight, 5.99, or Andrew Barton The Frizz Tamer Heat Protection Styling Cream, 4, Asda. Then blow-dry using a round bristle brush such as Remington Shine Therapy Round Brush, 9.99, Boots. Leave it in large Velcro rollers, such as Boots Essentials Large Sleep Roller, 4.99, while it cools.

The key to a thick, glossy, block fringe is to make sure it’s straight. The best new hair straighteners I’ve found are from Living Proof Straight, 25, Space NK, and use humidity-blocking technology to ensure hair stays smooth.

If your fringe looks a little flat, use VO5’s new Plump It Up Dry Backcomb Spray, 3.69, which lifts the roots without backcombing. Spray on and work through with your fingers. A fringe can become limp and greasy from sitting on your forehead, so try Batiste Dry Shampoo On The Go, 1.49, Superdrug, between washes.

Origins GinZeng Brightening Mascara


The smart new brush inside Origins GinZing Brightening Mascara, 17,, is as thick and bushy as a caterpillar, which makes it easier to coat lashes from root to tip. Make-up artist Emma Day is a fan: ‘I used it on Winona Ryder and she loved it.’ The long-wearing formula neither smudges nor flakes and is suitable for contact lens wearers. Ginseng and caffeine extracts condition lashes, while black and blue pigments ‘brighten’ whites of the eyes.

Pure Lochside Organic Cleansing Oil


If you need a pick me up for chilly, autumnal mornings, try an orange-scented cleanser. One of the best new products is Pure Lochside Organic Cleansing Oil, 18.50,, created by aromatherapy expert Fiona Tutte. This is a natural mood booster, removing every trace of make-up without irritating eyes. Or try Super Facialist Neroli Daily Brightening Cleanser, 7.99, Boots, which contains orange oil and is formulated with hibiscus extract and antioxidant mango seed oil.

MAC limited-edition Marilyn Monroe Collection


Lipsticks don’t get much more glamorous than the new MAC limited-edition Marilyn Monroe Collection. Available in five red shades, my favourite is Scarlet Ibis, 15.50, a strong orangey red which lasts up to six hours. Vintage-style matte lipsticks can be drying, but I discovered Bobbi Brown’s new Creamy Matte lip Colour, 18, is surprisingly hydrating, due to special emollients. For a cheaper option, try Bourjois Colorissimo Palette in Rouge Fashion, 8.99.