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11:25 GMT, 3 September 2012

Sun, sea and stressful travel can take their toll on our skin, hair and nails. Fortunately, the experts have insider tips and product picks to restore your holiday glow…

Holiday hazards: Sun, sea and sand can be damaging for your hair and skin

Holiday hazards: Sun, sea and sand can be damaging for your hair and skin

If your hair is like straw…

Hair repair: Andrew Barton's S.O.S Help Me!

Hair repair: Andrew Barton's S.O.S Help Me!

‘Sun, swimming and humidity on holiday can leave hair dry and damaged, but there are a number of things you can do to bring the shine back,’ says celebrity hairdresser Jamie Stevens.

‘If you’re desperate for a quick fix, slather kitchen cupboard olive oil through the mid-lengths and ends of your hair and wrap in clingfilm. Leave it on for an hour before rinsing thoroughly.

‘Another cheap option for reviving hair is Andrew Barton’s deep-conditioning twice-a-week Help Me! treatment, which you can get at the bargain price of 1 (Asda).

‘If your hair needs a little more nourishment, use a conditioning mask, such as Kerastase Masquintense Cheveux Fins (24.90, from hair salons), once a week. I recommend applying a double dose and leaving it on for around 30 minutes.

‘Finally, the most expensive fix is to go to a salon for a three-month blow-dry.’

This specialist treatment costs around 250. but a cheaper alternative is the Kera-Straight KS Complex treatment at Trevor Sorbie salons (from 70), which seals liquid keratin into the hair so that it looks smooth and frizz-free for up three months.

If your skin is flaking…

Skin saviour: Champneys Skin Comforting Body Butter

Skin saviour: Champneys Skin Comforting Body Butter

‘Sunbathing is tough on skin, so to avoid the dreaded limb dandruff on arms and legs, you should exfoliate in the shower every day after you return from holiday,’ says skincare expert Caroline Frazer.

‘Use a gentle body scrub with a nourishing formula made up of fine buffing beads, such as Simple Exfoliating Body Wash (2.10, Boots) . This has soothing chamomile oil and loofah particles that delicately lift off damaged skin.’

You can also mix your own skin- soothing body scrub made with a nourishing body oil and porridge oats. Stir together three teaspoons of each and rub on to dry skin. For sunburn, add two drops of lavender oil before mixing in the oatmeal.

Moisturising every morning and evening helps keep the skin supple. Try Pure Lochside Calm and Soothe Luxury Balm (37,, which is also good at soothing sunburn, or Champneys Skin Comforting Body Butter (10,

If sunscreen's given you spots…

Beat break-outs: Neutrogena's Visibly Clear Cream Pink Grapefruit Cream Wash

Beat break-outs: Neutrogena's Visibly Clear Cream Pink Grapefruit Cream Wash

To tackle break-outs caused by sunscreen blocking pores, top facialist Debbie Thomas — whose clients include Sophie Dahl — recommends SkinCeuticals Blemish + Age Solution (33, for a thorough clean. A cheaper deep-cleansing option is Neutrogena’s Visibly Clear Pink Grapefruit Cream Wash (4.49, Superdrug).

Even in mid-breakout, it’s important to keep skin hydrated. Try Nivea Visage Daily Essentials Oil Free Moisturising Day Cream (3.99, Boots), which is great value and highly effective. Apply to damp skin straight after your bath or shower to lock in moisture. Start from the neck, working your way upwards with long, firm strokes.

A nourishing weekly face mask will help balance the skin. Try Natio Ageless Hydrating Mask (11.60, Debenhams) or Good Things Five-Minute Facial Mask (2.99, Superdrug).

If your nails are in a state…

Nail care: Andrea Fulerton Nail Boutique Cute-icles Love Oil

Nail care: Andrea Fulerton Nail Boutique Cute-icles Love Oil

There's nothing like a gel polish for lasting throughout a fortnight’s holiday — but it can strip the goodness out of your nails.

Nail expert Andrea Fulerton recommends rubbing nourishing oil into unvarnished nails. ‘Just a little slick feeds the nail and helps to prevent brittle, dry and flaky nails,’ she says.

Try Andrea Fulerton Cute-icles Love Oil (4.99, Superdrug). You can also slather moisturiser on and around the nails at bedtime. A luxurious treat is Origins All-Purpose High-Elevation Cream (23,

‘If your nails are flaking, buff down any peeling to help ensure it doesn’t peel back further — but never buff more than once a week as it will weaken your nails,’ says Andrea. ‘Even if you don’t want to wear a colour for a while, try protecting your nails with a clear base coat and keep them short so they don’t snag.

‘It helps to treat the problem from within, so you might want to try a course of supplements containing vitamin H for hair growth and follicle formation, vitamin B complex and silica. Improvements are visible within three weeks.’

If your tan is fading…

Save your tan: Famous Dave's Gradual 10 lotion

Save your tan: Famous Dave's Gradual 10 lotion

Keep it going with self- tanner. One of the best products we’ve tested is Vita Liberata pHenomenal 2-3 Week Tan Mousse (37.50, Debenhams), which claims to last up to four times longer than any other tanning product on the market.

It is perfect for sensitive skin as it’s free from irritants commonly found in self-tan, such as perfume, parabens, alcohol and dihydroxyacetone. On light, medium and dark skins, the colour comes up in less than an hour.

Skincare expert Ann-Mari Shea suggests that once your summer tan starts to fade, you should top it up by using a moisturising lotion with a hint of self-tan every day, so your colour stays fresh. She recommends Famous Dave’s Gradual 10 lotion (17.99, Boots). This can be used on the face and body. Or try Dove Summer Glow & Soft Shimmer Deeper Effect (5.10, Boots), which contains light-reflecting particles to make your skin gleam.

Make-up artist Sally O’Neil, who has worked with celebrities including Emma Thompson, suggests cheating with bronzer: ‘Apply a touch of bronzer where the sun naturally hits — the cheeks, temples, nose and chin — rather than in a block all over the face.’

She recommends Une Healthy-Sun BB-Cream Bronzer (14.49,

Beauty tech: This gadget matches a woman's complexion to their perfect foundation

Beauty tech: This gadget matches a woman's complexion to their perfect foundation

Finding the right face base is the Holy Grail for most women. And recent survey revealed that 78 per cent of us would like to change our foundation for a shade that suits us better.
I’ve been testing foundation for years, but I’ve still made mistake buys. The harsh, artificial light in shops doesn’t help.

But Boots believes it has found the solution to our foundation woes — and claims it is so revolutionary it will change the way we shop for make-up forever. It has spent three years developing a gizmo that sales consultants use to determine the right shade of foundation for customers.

This clever gadget — the No7 Foundation Match Made device — went into stores nationwide yesterday. It’s simple, takes seconds and costs you nothing. And I was keen to put it to the test.

You need to be make-up free before the consultant holds a smartphone-sized device against the skin just above your jawline. The skin is most even here so gives the truest reading. The device shines eight coloured lights and an ultra-violet one to assess the tone, colour saturation and lightness of the skin. Each light has three cameras on it and takes 27 photos in two seconds.

The results are used to find the best Boots No7 shade to suit your skin tone from the 80-strong range. My perfect shade was ‘beige’, which was a shock to me — I usually choose golden shades.
But celebrity make-up artist Lisa Eldridge says: ‘In tests there was a 97 per cent success rate.

Sometimes the consultant advises you to use a shade because they like it or a customer may have tried foundation on the back of her hand, which isn’t the best place to see if it suits your skin tone. This gadget eliminates the guesswork and stops you wasting your money on products that don’t suit you.’

I have been trying out my new beige foundation — No7 Beautifully Matte Foundation, 12.50 — over the past two weeks. It’s much paler than my usual shade and I find myself wearing more bronzer than usual. But I have to admit that the colour does suit me.

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