Beauty confidential: Anti-age your hair with tips from Charles Worthington

Anti-age your hair with tips from Charles Worthington



16:40 GMT, 30 March 2012

Charles Worthington knows better than most that a healthy, shiny head of hair makes you look younger. One of Britain’s best-known hairdressers, he is a veteran of red carpet events and has tended the tresses of Sharon Stone, Emilia Fox and Ruth Wilson. Here, he addresses your anti-ageing hair concerns.

Do you need to spend a lot of money on hair care products (shampoo and conditioner) to get best results

It’s a false economy to buy cheap products that aren’t doing the job. The key is to use hair care products that are right for your hair type and will target problems like oiliness, dryness and dullness – higher priced shampoos and conditioners usually contain more expensive, better performance ingredients.

I think around 5 is a good price to pay for shampoo and conditioner – our own limited- edition brand, CW Volume Shampoo (5.19, Boots) contains added collagen, so thickens and strengthens fine or fragile hair.

Glam: A short haircut doesn't mean losing volume as Helen Mirren, left and Glenn Close illustrate

Glam: A short haircut doesn't mean losing volume as Helen Mirren, left and Glenn Close illustrate

Glam: A short haircut doesn't mean losing volume as Helen Mirren, left, and Glenn Close illustrate

What are the best hair accessories to keep everything neat and out of the way

Matt hairgrips hold firmer and show up less than shiny ones and are great for keeping hair back in a less obvious way (Superdrug Hair Grips, 1.39 in Black or Blonde) Hair bands are easy and quick for pulling hair off the face making it look sleek at the front. Try Scunci Thin Hair Bands, 3.50 (Boots) which are ideal for keeping fine hair back off your face.

For a neat shiny bun, buy an invisible hair net (Boots Essential Bun Nets, 1.19) which will fit neatly over the bun – it gives your look extra polish. And spray your brush with hairspray to keep the flyaways at bay.

What advice would you give to someone about dealing with a hairdresser when you’re having a bad hair day

If you’re having a bad hair day, put yourself in the hands of a hairdresser and ask them what they think is not working with your style. It’s important for you to tell your hairdresser what your main everyday concerns are as it may not be apparent on one visit, especially if it’s your first time in the salon.

The main reason for the client to tell their hairdresser why they think their hair isn’t working is to tell their hairdresser what they find easy to manage, and what works for them, so that the stylist can understand their lifestyle. It’s important to tell them if you do a lot of sport, go swimming a lot or just need get-up-and-go hair in the morning. It’s also important to start a dialogue with a new hairdresser.

Your stylist can then give you advice and make suggestions to make your hair feel full, bouncy and shiny. It could just be that you have the wrong hairstyle, so be open to listening to good advice from an expert. A bun is a great way of coping with messy hair as it instantly achieves a refined and tidy look which is versatile for the office, meetings and parties – my big tip is to buy some bun rings (try Babyliss Faux Hair Twisted Bun Ring, 5.15; Boots) to help pad the hair out to give your bun more guts.

Judi Dench remains up-to-date with a modern pixie crop, left, while Julianne Moore defies her years with stunning red locks

Still on trend: Judi Dench remains up-to-date with a modern pixie crop, left, while Julianne Moore defies her years with stunning red locks

Still on trend: Judi Dench remains up-to-date with a modern pixie crop, left, while Julianne Moore defies her years with stunning red locks

What’s the best way to correct a bad hair colouring job – such as highlights that are too brassy or yellow

It is essential to get professional advice in a salon. It might be a simple case of putting on an ash colour toner which will counteract the brassy, yellow colour, toning it into a softer blonde.

But see your hairdresser first who will be able to advise how to correct the colour to get softer tones back in. Your colourist should always correct this free of charge.

Hair genius: Charles Worthington's salon collection

Hair genius: Charles Worthington's salon collection

At what age should you stop wearing your hair long

There’s no age limit. Usually, it’s just a case of tweaking the style — so, for example, if you had long one-length hair in your 20s, it might suit you to have a few layers framing your face as you get older.
Just as your skin ages, your hair ages with you, too, and requires more up-keep. It is likely to get
finer and thinner, which results in less body and bounce.

A quick trick is to use crimping irons on the roots and underneath section to add bulk and texture. There’s no rule to say that longer length hair shouldn’t be worn as you head towards your 40s or beyond; it’s just a question of looking at the style and the colour and fine tuning it a bit.

Dame Helen Mirren has a lovely fringe and layers which really focus attention around the face, and she also works a mature colour beautifully, too. Dame Judi Dench has a modern defined cut; this helps to lift features and elongates the neckline.

Glenn Close also wears her hair with great texture. Colour should also change as you mature. Most women need to go lighter as they get older — two to three shades fairer than your natural hair colour helps to make natural grey look like a subtle highlight.

For a stunning impact, look no further than Julianne Moore with her gorgeous red locks.

Cutting it: Hairdresser Charles Worthington knows his stuff

Cutting it: Hairdresser Charles Worthington knows his stuff

How do you bring over-coloured, dry hair back to its former glory

When hair is dry it is porous and more susceptible to the elements causing the hair to look dull or the colour to fade. Lacklustre locks tend to make your skin appear drawn, whereas shiny hair helps to accentuate its radiance.

Try to use an intensive conditioner or hair mask twice a week, which will restore suppleness and give it a boost of proteins which repair, restore and protect. My Salon At Home Strength & Repair, 19.99 (Boots) restores dry, damaged and fragile hair and is scientifically proven to reduce breakage by 93 per cent. The home kit contains Hair Repair Oil which penetrates the cuticle making hair smoother and less prone to damage. Fudge Clean Blonde Violet Toning Shampoo, 16.73 (look removes unwanted brassy tones from blonde hair.

It also contains four ingredients to repair, hydrate, protect and restore the hair, and guarana, which increases hair strength. For best results leave on lathered hair for three-to-five minutes before rinsing off.

What’s the best way to deal with thinning hair

Getting the right haircut for your face shape and hair type is always important, especially when you’re trying to make the hair look as thick as possible (have a trim every six weeks to keep the style looking fresh).

Also, use a volumising product on the roots to make the most of your hair’s natural body. Hair with lots of different tones can look thicker, so add a deep, rich colour such as warm chestnut lowlights,
or caramel and honey toned highlights, to help create the impression of density — blonde can make hair look see-through. L’Oreal Professional Colour, available at salons nationwide, is your best bet.

What’s the best advice for to someone who asks for a dramatic style

Go for it. This is a fabulous way to re-invent yourself, but be sure it’s for the right reasons. Try on a few wigs beforehand to get an insight into how you might look with short, long or curly hair. So many department stores have wig departments now.

Make sure that this isn’t just a passing whim and think about it for a few weeks before you commit to a new look.

How can you get out of a style rutBACK BY POPULAR

Benefit’s Boo Boo Zap, 13.50 (

Benefit's Boo Boo Zap

We’re happy to see that Boo Boo Zap
is back.

For those who have never used it, it’s a fast-acting liquid
pink spot treatment that can be used under make-up to help dry out spots
and prevent further break-outs.

You only need a tiny amount, and can
put concealer on top.

Sometimes it can be as simple as going to a different stylist in the same salon but, first, I would ask your usual stylist for advice and explain what it is that you don’t currently like about your look — together you might be able to come up with some ideas which will take you in the right direction.

You shouldn’t be stuck in a style rut with a good hairdresser and so, maybe, you need to encourage
them to look at you from a fresh perspective.

Take photos of hairstyles you love as inspiration, but remember that a certain shade or cut might not
look exactly the same on you.

How can you do the perfect bouncy blow dry

Make sure you always choose the correct shampoo and conditioner for your hair type.
And select a styling product for your purposes, too. If your hair’s fine, use a volumising styling spray; if it’s frizzy, use a product that will smooth and calm the hair.

Spray the roots with your styling product on towel-dried hair, and use less on the ends.
Blast the hair 80 per cent dry, roughly, with your head upside down for extra root lift. Then, blow dry section-by-section using a natural bristle brush (try Mason Pearson Extra Bristle Brush, 90;

Blast cold air at the end of each section to set the look. Always use a finishing product to set the style. An ultra-fine hairspray will give hold without weighing the style down. Elnett Satin Normal Strength Hairspray, 5.99 (Boots) is good.


Kevin Aucoin Beauty Celestial Bronzing Veil

The secret with bronzer is not to stray too far from your own colouring, by adding a tint of colour to give a glow rather than an orangey-brown effect.

The new Kevyn Aucoin Beauty Celestial Bronzing Veil, 36 (SpaceNK), loved by industry insiders, can be used as a bronzer, highlighter, eye shadow and contour powder and the bronze tones ensure that the skin will never appear orange.

For those on a budget, try MUA Mosaic Bronzer, 2.50 (Superdrug). It has great tones of pink and brown, and is reasonably priced.

Karla Powell, head make-up artist for MUA, advises applying bronzer to the spots where the sun naturally highlights. ‘Gently brush a little bronzer on the forehead, cheeks, nose and chin,’ she says. ‘Use bronzer on days you don’t wear much foundation, so as not to give an over-caked effect.’


MUA Mosaic Bronzer

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