Will this be the last Hustle for hit BBC drama – or just a big con

Hustler: Robert Vaughn plays Albert Stroller in the hit BBC drama set to end next series

Hustler: Robert Vaughn plays Albert Stroller in the hit BBC drama set to end next series

For an example of amazing financial success in these troubled economic times, look no further than the con artists on Hustle.

the hit BBC1 drama prepares for its eighth and final series, we’ve
worked out that Michael ‘Mickey Bricks’ Stone, Ash ‘Three Socks’ Morgan,
Albert Stroller and their associates have made more than 14 million
from their rip-offs since they started in 2004.

Stroller (Robert Vaughn, pictured) and his pals including Mickey (Adrian Lester), Ash (Robert Glenister), Sean (Matt Di Angelo) and Emma (Kelly Adams) have so far used 24 different types of scam to boost their bank balances.

But is the BBC now planning the biggest, most elaborate, con of all

Was the surprise news that Hustle is ending after eight years – despite rising viewing figures for each of the past four series – just a sleight of hand

The official line from the BBC, and programme makers Kudos, is that it’s all over. The show’s creator Tony Jordan, who wrote the eighth series, says: ‘We believe it has run its course and the show reaches its conclusion with a great final storyline – it’s a fitting end.

‘But the door is definitely still open. Hustle has proved extremely popular and there is always the possibility of it returning with a new cast in the future. One appeal of Hustle is seeing people doing something they are extremely good at and – most of the time – are extremely successful at.’

It’s been hinted that the current crop of regulars may go to Hustle Heaven in the final episode.

Jaime Murray, one of the original stars is back as glamorous Stacie Monroe for the last ever con. ‘The final episode involves the biggest hustle they’ve ever undertaken,’ she says. ‘Problem is, it’s also rather dangerous.’

The final series of Hustle starts on BBC1 on Friday, January 13 at 9pm.