Baker creates 350 sinister murder scene cake for bitter bride"s divorce party

'I've got a crafty streak!' Baker makes a killing selling sinister 350 murder scene cakes for bitter brides divorce partiesCarmen Venn, 41, has been inundated with requests for the twisted desserts at her Cumbria bakery



16:32 GMT, 29 March 2012

They say hell hath no fury like a woman scorned. And Baker Carmen Venn has seen first hand the anger felt by many women when an unhappy marriage comes to an end.

She bakes divorce cakes for women who have washed their hands of their ex and want to throw a party to celebrate – with a parody wedding cake as a centrepiece. But it seems some divorcees are taking their bitterness to an unhealthy level by requesting that the celebratory cake be designed with the image of brides murdering their husbands.

The specialist baker reveals she recently received a request for a bloody three-tier murder scene for an unnamed client who wanted to mark her divorce in style.

Death of a marriage: Baker Carmen Venn created this murder wedding cake for a divorce party

Death of a marriage: Baker Carmen Venn created this murder wedding cake for a divorce party

The design – one layer of fruit cake, one of vanilla sponge and one of chocolate sponge – comes complete with a murderous icing bride at the cake’s top and a butchered groom lying at the base.

Carmen, 41, from Ulverston, Cumbria, said she had taken on the job after a newly single woman approached her with a very specific request.

She said: 'She asked for this design for a party and I said: ‘I don’t see why not. I like a challenge’.

'She was over the moon when I handed it on.

'It was taken to a divorce celebration at the Kill One Social Club in Barrow. The ex-husband doesn’t know a thing about it.'

Carmen said her own husband John thought the design was brilliant.

'He didn’t think it was weird at all. He’s got a wicked sense of humour too.

'I’ve got a crafty streak in me. And it helps to have a sense of humour in baking.'

Baker Carmen Venn admit her sense of humour helps when creating cakes of this nature

Wacky cakes: Carmen Venn has been baking for 20 years and admits her sense of humour helps when making creations of this nature

The happily-married couple hope Mrs
Venn’s creative flair and technical decorating skills will help win
custom at her two-storey cake supply store and teaching base, Carmen’s
Cakes and Supplies, in Ulverston’s Market Street.

Katie Price held a reported 1m divorce party following her split from Alex Reid

Celebrity endorsement: Katie Price held a reported 1m divorce party following her split from Alex Reid

Venn’s 20 years of baking and catering experience has led her to take
on a host of unusual cake commissions already, including busty women,
Beetle cars, fantasy castles with dragons, Santa asleep in bed, and
goldfish bowls.

She aims to pass on some of her creative flair with cake decorating lessons starting at the store after Easter.

Carmen's divorce cakes are the latest addition to a burgeoning trend for celebrating marriage breakdowns.

Celebrities including Katie Price (pictured right), Jack White and Scarlett Johansson have all reportedly held divorce parties.

In 2010 a London lawyer became the first in the country to sell divorce gift vouchers as Christmas presents, while Debenhams offer a divorce list with present suggestions for friends to give to someone following a split.

Specific party planners are also available to organise the whole event ensuring all the finer details such as banners, balloons and a cake are in place.

They can even arrange party coasters with slogans saying, 'Who needs a man when you can have a drink' as well as supplying miniature coffins for your wedding ring.