As Justin Bieber takes a pop at Prince William"s hair, FEMAIL turns celebrity hair stylist

Bieber barnets for all! As the prince of pop takes a pop at Prince William's thinning hairline, FEMAIL turns celebrity hair stylist



16:14 GMT, 8 August 2012

Justin Bieber is famed for his Lego hair

Justin Bieber is famed for his Lego hair

Justin Bieber is feeling pretty smug about his solid block of Lego hair these days.

So smug, in fact, that the teenage prince of pop has taken a swing at actual royalty.

The Canadian singer criticised Prince William for not investing in products that might stimulate the regrowth of his thinning crop.

But the crucial question is: would the Duke of Cambridge actually suit the Bieber barnet

And if he did have a thick mop of hair, which of Justin's styles should he go for

Team FEMAIL endeavoured to find out.

And luckily there was no shortage of iPhone apps to assist our quest.

Using Bieber Booth Pro+, we gave Prince William – plus a handful of other hairy and hairless celebrity folk – the locks Justin Bieber believes he should have.

(While also employing the trusty BaldBooth app to give the 18-year-old a taste of his own medicine.)

Prince William seems very happy with his existing hairline

The heir to the throne gets a hairy makeover

Before and after: Prince William just as he is, and then with Team FEMAIL's Bieber makeover

Prince William looking youthful in a shaggy Bieber hairstyle

Don't do it, William

Heir today, gone tomorrow: Prince William rocks two more Bieber looks

Happily, we soon came to the conclusion that hair or no hair, the heir to the English throne looks best just the way he is.

After all, if he's good enough for Kate, he's good enough for us. And speaking of Kate….

Scroll down to see how some of the world's most recognisable royals, athletes, musicians and actors would look with a Bieber bob.

The Duchess of Cambridge during a rare hair-up moment

The Duchess of Cambridge as imagined in a Bieber birds nest

Before and after: The Duchess of Cambridge as we know her, and with a Bieber birds nest

Prince Harry as we know him

Prince Harry loses his fiery locks via Bieber Booth

Before and after: Prince Harry looking more like his father with a brown crop of Bieber hair

Prince Charles is nobly clinging onto his regal grey crown

Prince Charles looking youthful in an auburn Bieber do

Before and after: The Bieber look takes 10 years off you, Prince Charles

Olympic cycling champion Bradley Wiggins sporting his trademark sideburns

Cycling supremo Bradley Wiggins as he might look in a Bieber wig

Before and after: We love Olympic Champion Bradley Wiggins' sideburns just as they are

American Olympic gold swimming supremo Michael Phelps

Phelps the phenomenal fish goes a bit Bieber

Before and after: US super-swimmer Michael Phelps probably couldn't fit Bieber's hair under his swimming cap

American Olympic champion swimmer Ryan Lochte

Ryan Lochte with a Bieber bowl cut

Before and after: American Olympic champion swimmer Ryan Lochte sporting a Bieber bowl cut

Wayne Rooney exhibiting his pre-hair implant crop

Wayne Rooney may eventually look like this if he continues with the hair plugs

Before and after: England footballer Wayne Rooney is famed for his receding hairline, not his thick Bieber locks

Footballer David Beckham has had a long love affair with his hair

Beckham goes a bit Bieber on us

Before and after: Is it us, or does a teenage Bieber cut actually add 20 years to David Beckham

Actor Jude Law's recognisable hair island

Actor Jude Law in a mock Bieber barnet

Before and after: What actor Jude Law might look like were he ever to embrace hair plugs with gusto

Simon Cowell looking pretty pleased with his square hair

Holy Cowell!

Before and after: Simon Cowell doesn't look quite so powerful when styled like a teenage pop singer

Singer Tom Jones is fiercely proud of his grey curls

Tom Jones, as he was in his heyday (or should that be hairday)

Before and after: Tom Jones loves his greying curls – but will our Bieber mock-up make him change his mind

Actor Tom Cruise has always played it fairly safe with his movie star hair

Tom Cruise looks more Austin Powers than Mission Impossible with Bieber's bob

Before and after: Tom Cruise looks more Austin Powers than Mission Impossible with a Bieber bowl cut

Bieber's signature block crop

We give Justin Bieber a taste of his own medicine

Before and after: How do you like them apples, Bieber