Are you semihappy or a workhorse wife? New book defines five different kinds of modern marriage

Are you semihappy or a workhorse wife Five different kinds of modern marriageFrom “Avatar Affairs” to “Ed McMahon Syndrome”, author Pamela Haag reveals the unromantic reality behind so-called wedded bliss…

6:15 PM on 6th June 2011

Author Pamela Haag outlines five different kinds of modern marriage, revealing how it is often security and children that keep a couple together, rather than love

Relationship trends: Pamela Haag believes that it is more often security and children than love that keep a married couple together


Pamela Haag

Semihappy: Pamela Haag even admits failings in her own relationship

Marriage Confidential

Low-conflict: Ms Haag found that semihappy marriages contribute the lion”s share to the U.S. divorce rate