Are fat-burning hotpants the secret to Holly Willoughby"s enviable curves? Star"s "magic" shorts that claim to burn FOUR times the…

Are fat-burning pants the secret to Holly Willoughby's enviable curves Star's 'magic' shorts claim to burn FOUR times the calories while you work out

Fearne Cotton, Holly Valance, Tess Daly and The Saturdays all own a pair of Zaggora's Hotpants

Shorts increase core body temperature so wearer expense more energy



13:53 GMT, 17 May 2012

They sound too good to be true. A pair of pants that allow you to burn calories simply by wearing them. But that is just what Zaggora's HotPants claim to do.

Launched last year amid great fanfare, the 50 garment can help the wearer burn four times the number of calories they would expend during a regular work out, the firm says.

And what's more, when the wearer stops their physical activity, the shorts continue to burn calories at a rate of 16 per cent more than the body would burn without the shorts.

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Enviable curves: Holly Willoughby is said to be a fan of Zaggora's hot pants, which not only allow wearers to burn more calories during a work out, but also assist the body in burning more calories afterwards

Slender Fearne Cotton is also a fan of the hotpants, according to reports

HotPant fans Holly Willoughby, left, and Fearne Cotton are both said to be own pairs of the shorts, while Tess Daly has raved about them in her newspaper column

If true, it is nothing short of a miracle (and begs the question, why are we not wearing these shorts right now).

We might not be – but there's a good chance Holly Willoughby is – she was given a pair late last year. Or Fearne Cotton, Holly Valance, Tess Daly and any one of The Saturdays, all of whom have confessed to being fans of the fat-burning magic pants.

Tess Daly was so impressed by the shorts that she was moved to wax lyrical about them in her newspaper column

The company, who have released two collections of their HotPants to date, which include both bottom and calf-targeting garments, has just released their summer collection – a brightly coloured, lighter range that uses less fabric to get the same results.

That means a lighter feel on the body, but the same number of calories burned, according to Zaggora.

Just as with the original HotPants and the rest of the Zaggora range, the new Viva HotPants target the thighs, stomach and bottom, and claim they can help wearers lose two jean sizes in two weeks.

Working up a sweat: Zaggora's Viva Hotpants raise the core body temperature to increase the number of calories expended with physical exercise

Working up a sweat: Zaggora's Viva HotPants raise the core body temperature to increase the number of calories expended with physical exercise

Fat-burners: Zaggora's new Viva range of Hotpants are lighter than the previous ranges, but are just as effective, the firm says

Fat-burners: The colourful new summer range is made of a lighter fabric than previous collections but are just as effective, the firm says

The shorts work by increasing perspiration – and the manufacturers say the results have been 'lab-proven' by scientists, after researchers from the Chelsea School of Sport at Brighton University found weight loss to be four times greater in subjects who exercised wearing the HotPants.

The core temperature in HotPants increased by an average of 18 per cent compared to the control, they found – with the effects ongoing after activity has ceased.

The firm's Facebook page is full of thousands of enthusiastic women extolling the virtues of the HotPants.

Tara Cash writes on the firm's wall that she has lost eight pounds thanks to the shorts.

'For the past seven weeks I've been wearing my Zaggora HotPants under my shorts when I run during my lunch hour Monday to Friday, and under my pants when I Zumba three times a week. And I am happy to report I've lost 8 pounds and am finally back to my normal weight whereas I had been struggling for 7 months prior.'

Another wrote: 'Three weeks wearing my HotPants and I've lost three inches from my waist and one and a half from my thighs.'

The shorts are available from

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