Anti-ageing secrets without a surgeon"s knife: How have these women frozen time?

We”ve frozen time! They”ve never been near a surgeon”s knife. So how have these women defied ageing

10:03 AM on 16th August 2011

Suzan Clements aged 52 Jill Thornton today aged 57 Teresa Fuller now aged 66

Suzan Clements (left) is 52; Jill Thornton (centre) is 57 and Teresa Fuller (right) is 66

Suzan Clements ten years ago Suzan Clements aged 52

“I”m a true believer in health and vitality coming from within,” said Suzan Cements who stopped ageing at 42 (left). She is now 52 (right)

Jill Thornton aged 44 Jill Thornton today aged 57

“I took up pilates 13 years ago after three pregnancies left me with a weak back and I think I stopped ageing around then, at 44 (left),” said Jill Thornton who is now 57 (right)

Teresa Fuller in 1993 aged 49 Teresa Fuller now aged 66

“It took me six months to get to my target weight of nine-and-a-half stone. Finally, I could love my body,” said Teresa Fuller who stopped ageing at 49 (left). She is 66 (right)