Agent Provocateur hires models to stand in for mannequins as they advertise their high-end Valentine's Day lingerie

If these ladies can't coax a man into a lingerie store to buy an unmentionable Valentine's Day gift, nothing probably can.

Two sultry models posed as living mannequins in the window of one of Agent Provocateur's New York City lingerie boutiques Saturday.

They frolicked and flirted with passersby on the sidewalk as those modeled some of the upscale London designer's more provocative products.

Greer and Sabrina

Human mannequins: Greer and Sabrina model Agent Provocateur's lingerie in the window of one of the company's New York boutiques

Greer and Sabrina

On loan: Agent Provocateur hired the models from the New York modeling agency Fenton Moon

Models Greer and Sabrina are both brown-haired beauties from the New York modeling agency Fenton Moon.

Both women sport printed black braziers, panties and garter belts with stockings. They also wear sexy high heals and long pearl necklaces to compliment their look.

The marketing campaign for Agent Provocateur's Valentine's Day lines leave just about as little to the imagination as the outfits Greer and Sabrina are wearing.

With slogans like: 'Give and you shall receive,' 'I'll show you my knickers if you buy them for me,' and 'This Valentine's Day lie back and think of the knickers,' the Soho, London, firm is playing on the age-old concept that women will repay their Valentine's Day gifts with sexual favors for their partner.

Greer and Sabrina

Sexy: With their playful antics, Agent Provocateur hoped Greer and Sabrina would catch eyes and drove well-healed customers into their high-end boutique

Greer and Sabrina

Looking fabulous: Each of the models sported braziers, panties, garter belts, stockings and shoes from the lingerie firm

Greer and Sabrina

Look real From a distance, the poses the models strike are so perfect it's hard to tell they're live women

The high-end lingerie designer has become famous for selling lingerie to stars like Lily Allen, Paris Hilton and Carmen Electra.

It has also capitalized on the celebrity appeal by using big names for its marketing campaigns.

Kylie Minogue, Kate Moss and Maggie Gyllenhaal have all been faces of the brand.

But that star-power doesn't come cheap for the lingerie shopper.

Bras average about $200. Panties about $130.

The company has a dozen boutiques in major cities across the country, including three in New York City.

Greer and Sabrina

Pricey: The company's panties cost about $120, their bras average $200. Agent Provocateur markets its lingerie to an upscale crowd

Greer and Sabrina

In the flesh: The company is coaxing Valentine's Day shoppers with slogans like 'Give and you shall receive' and 'I'll show you my knickers if you buy them for me'

Greer and Sabrina

Full view: The models made sure passersby got a full view of the underwear they were modeling