A pretty penny: Businesswoman who once lived on 30 a month now worth 1million after becoming an Avon lady

Was working 7 days a week to pay off 60,000 credit card debt

Now a seniors sales executive at Avon managing a team of 900

Married in a lavish 30,000 wedding last year

Husband Kevin has recently joined the firm



16:15 GMT, 31 October 2012

Just four years ago Jeanette Stewart was suffering from depression and working seven days a week in a desperate bid to pay off a crippling credit card debt of 60,000.

After paying off her bills each month she had just 30 to live on, but her fortunes changed after she gave up her job as an N-Power complaints manager and started selling beauty products for Avon full-time and now the business woman from County Durham has an annual turnover of 1million as an Avon lady.

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Jeanette Stewart has an annual turnover of 1million as an Avon lady

Jeanette Stewart has turned her life around as an Avon lady and now manages a team of 900 sales people

She has been able to buy herself a E46 BMW convertible, has had the wedding of her dreams and paid off all her debts – which amounted to 60,000.

The 33-year-old of Stanley, County Durham, said: “I was earning 24,000 a year at N-Power but all the money just went.

'I used it to pay off credit card debts and loans and was left with just 30 a month, which I spent on food.

'My house was under threat and I badly wanted to save it, meaning I worked all the over-time possible.

'I was suffering from depression and my mum had died of cancer.

'My life had hit rock bottom, I was even in the situation where I had started using credit cards to pay off debts.

'I was working seven days a week for N-Power, and I had no life.

'To make matters worse I was also in a bad relationship and a bad place.'

Jeanette once lived on just 30 a month after amassing credit card debts amounting to 60,000

Jeanette once lived on just 30 a month after amassing credit card debts amounting to 60,000

The 33-year-old from Stanley, County Durham, is one of the UK's most successful 'Avon ladies'

The 33-year-old from Stanley, County Durham, is one of the UK's most successful 'Avon ladies'

Today she is a successful sales executive at the company where a convertible car is just one of the perks

But Jeanette has now completely turned her life around.

She married Kevin, 29, at Lumley Castle in County Durham last year, spending a whopping 30,000 on the wedding.

The Avon lady travelled to the venue in a horse and carriage, had a total of nine bridesmaids and a casino at the reception.

She also enjoyed a champagne reception, a fire breathing show, a fireworks display, stilt-walkers and a seven tier castle cake built on a water fountain.

It was a wedding she could only have dreamt of while living on less than 10 a week.

In 2008 friends had suggested that Jeanette, whose mum had loved Avon products, give the company a ring.

She applied for a job as a part-time sales leader and began by selling to friends and family.

She added: “It was a huge step for me and my confidence was low.

'But I found I was good at selling the products. I started talking to more people, and began to feel better about my self.

'I got one order of 800 and that felt amazing.'

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Jeanette, of Stanley, County Durham, is now a senior sales executive and manages a staff of 900.

She said: 'I am so much happier now.

'I no longer suffering from depression. I am now a completely different person, plus I have managed to pay off all my debts.

'We had a massive, huge wedding, it was amazing. I had a lovely dress, it was like a fairytale.'

Three months after joining Avon Jeanette became a team leader then eventually a senior sales executive.

She added: 'Within a 12-week Avon campaign I had turned over 22,000. It changed my life.

'Avon gave me a car and I went to Berlin and Dublin on trips through Avon.

'One Christmas I took out 9,000 and just paid some cards off.

'In a normal job you would have had to save up for years to do that. To earn that amount of money and to do that in a job I love is amazing.'

In 2011 Jeanette earned a total salary of 63,000 through Avon, while by the end of this year she expects to have received between 80,000 and 90,000.

She says she expects her wage to carry on increasing at this rate year by year.

After witnessing her success Kevin joined Avon to work alongside Jeanette when he lost his job.

Jeanette added: 'Avon has changed my life for the better.

'My mum Jessie would have been ecstatic at my success.

'I spoke to her best friend the other day and she nearly had me in floods of tears telling me how she would have been so proud.'