A lazy man"s dream: Artist reveals odd-looking "shoe pants" by attaching Converse trainers to jeans

A lazy man's dream: Artist reveals odd-looking 'shoe pants' by attaching Converse trainers to jeans



13:25 GMT, 27 June 2012

In a bid to make getting dressed a less arduous task one designer has been busy fashioning some time-saving solutions.

The 'Shoe Pants' is Sebastian Errazuriz's latest invention which features a pair of dungaree jeans with Converse trainers already attached.

Thanks to a technique which fuses textile and rubber together the wearer can simply slip the garment on, without spending time tying shoe laces or searching for the appropriate wares.

Sebastian Errazuriz has created the 'Shoe Pants' which fuses Converse trainers and jeans together

Sebastian Errazuriz has created the 'Shoe Pants' which fuses Converse trainers and jeans together

The Chilean-born creative is said to favour works which invite people 'to look again at their lives and question at their daily routines'.

Neatorama.com praised his latest design exclaiming: 'His Shoe Pants – sort of like an adult footie pajama – is like the ultimate hip street wear!'

As well as fashion concepts Errazuriz specialises in sculpture, furniture and public art works.

'My furniture is mostly collected by
people who know a lot about 20th-century design, but mainly it’s trying
to give a twist to normal pieces. I like to twist normal objects.

Shoe Pants

Shoe Pants

Errazuriz is said to create works which invite people 'question at their daily routines'

'It’s the idea of trying to make you look again at something basic,' he told Interview magazine.

Errazuriz was selected as one of the top emerging designers by I.D magazine and has also received multiple awards including Chilean Designer of the Year.

His unique pieces have been incorporated in over 40 exhibitions including Tokyo, New York, Paris and Barcelona.

At age 28 he was one of the only living South Americans to have works auctioned at Sothebys
Important 20th Century Designs.

Born in Santiago, Chile and raised in London, he followed art courses in Washington and film courses in Edinburgh, Design in Santiago and later received an MFA at New York University.