A clever twist on designer denim, or a gimmick too far Introducing raspberry-scented scratch 'n' sniff jeans

Children of the Eighties, remember scratch 'n' sniff snickers

So may the designers behind a new pair of jeans that has the bizarre trait of being scratch 'n' sniff.

Canadian jean maestros Naked &
Famous Denim have created a raspberry candy-scented garment that
promises to smell sweet and fruity every time the material is rubbed.



Smellin' good: They make look like a normal pair of jeans, but Naked & Famous' scratch 'n' sniff denim promises to deliver a sweet raspberry punch

It's not be the same as the smell of leather – the distinct odour of which is enough to send some handbag fiends into raptures – but the raspberry-flavoured denim is, we suggest, a godsend for the hygienically challenged.

The site explains the technology behind the candy scent, their 'newest crazy creation,' which, claim the makers, still smells perfect after five washes.

'The effect is created by coating the denim fabric with a special coating
that contains mini microcapsules.

'The coating is applied and then baked
into the denim. The tiny capsules have a bit of “perfume” inside and as
you scratch them the scent is released.'

Founder and designer Brandon Svarc told Today.com: 'We just like making fun and special products that make our customers
smile… We are the crazy Canadian denim
nerds and love coming up with innovative and strange denim fabrics!'

Eighties flashback: Scratch 'n' sniff brings back memories of stickers for many an adult

Eighties flashback: Scratch 'n' sniff brings back memories of stickers for many an adult

The jeans are made in a fashion-forward
'WeirdGuy' fit, in a dark indigo denim and with a red leather patch –
rather more mannish than the lingering smell of sweet candy may suggest.

Using only Japanese denim, the brand
caters to those in the know when it comes to jeans – some of whom have
eyebrow-raising standards of cleanliness in the name of fashion.

Mr Svarc told the news site: 'Many of our male customers don’t wash their jeans very often anyways. In
fact, some “denimheads” don’t ever wash their jeans at all'.

Whether a guy falls into the highly
dubious no-jeans-washing camp because of bad domestic habits or because
he is a 'denimhead', we are thankful that they will always come up
smelling of raspberries.

'The coating is applied and baked
into the denim. The tiny capsules have a bit of “perfume” inside, as
you scratch them the scent is released'

It's not the first time the company has ventured into the zanier side of fashion. The same team brought the equally eccentric idea of glow-in-the-dark jeans to the world, which shine a bright green in pitch black.

In other covetable fashions, Melissa shoes – which collaborates with Vivienne Westwood – uses fruity-smelling plastic in its unusual designs.

At $150, the sweet jeans cost rather a lot more than scratch 'n' sniff snickers – but nothing near as much as a new leather designer handbag.